ZEWhatsapp Apk Download Latest 2022 Version For Android

WhatsApp MODs allow us to add more features and functionalities to the chat and instant messaging program that aren’t present in the standard version. We can get a lot of them, including the most popular versions of GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, to which we must now add this ZEWhatsapp Apk. This WhatsApp for Android gives us access to a customized version of the chat and instant messaging software, allowing us to tweak its features.

What is ZEWhatsapp APK 2022?

ZE Whatsapp is a third-party WhatsApp that has been modified. Brazil, the Netherlands, and Poland are among the countries where it is popular. It has a lot of advanced options, which we’ll go over later. You can make any changes to the app’s design to make it more appealing. Furthermore, users can customize the app’s wallpaper, fonts, background colours, text colours, and icons. Because ZEWhatsapp is not available on the Google Play Store, Download ZE WhatsApp’s latest version from here.

Overview of ZEWhatsapp Apk App

App Name ZEWhatsapp Apk
Version v6.65
Size 40 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.2
Rating Count 1335
Price Free
Last Updated 5 days ago

Features of ZEWhatsapp 

ZE WhatsApp is loaded with a variety of features. You do not have access to many of these premium and additional features on the official version of WhatsApp, but you do have access to them on this alternative. However, we will only go over the most critical aspects of this most recent version of ZEWhatsApp.

Anti Ban

This most recent Whatsapp mod includes an anti-ban feature, both the mod’s first and most helpful addition. Your WhatsApp account will be safe from suspension if you use this feature. You no longer need to be concerned about taking risks by utilizing this Whatsapp mod apk. Using it is entirely risk-free.

Status Downloader in ZEWhatsapp

This Whatsapp modified APK comes equipped with a status downloader of its own. One click is all it takes to download the Whatsapp statuses of your Whatsapp contacts due to this status downloader’s user-friendly interface. You will have the ability to store the statuses in your gallery at your discretion. If you use this Ze Whatsapp Apk, you won’t need to download any additional apps to view other people’s status updates.

Anti Revoke Message

This Whatsapp mod also includes an anti-revoked message feature. This feature allows you to read Whatsapp messages that have been deleted for everyone or revoked. Not only can you view them, but you can also respond to them by selecting them.

Send Data With ZE Pro Whatsapp

The WA system compresses data or files sent through the service automatically. The size of the image will vary depending on who is sending and receiving it. There will be a significant reduction in both size and quality. Furthermore, using standard WA, images can only be sent in a maximum of 30 pieces. That number is tripled with Zoya Whatsapp Apk. There is a limit of 90 images you can send at once.

Simple interface

The user interface should be straightforward, similar to a standard Web browser. You may, however, alter the interface as you see fit. Because of the number of new features, the Android phone must be version 4 or higher. Internal memory and RAM aren’t crucial. It is sufficient as long as it has more than 1GB of RAM and 1GB of internal memory.

Zoya WA Status Downloader

A status downloader is included in this Whatsapp mod apk. With this status downloader, you can download all of your Whatsapp contacts’ statuses in a single click. All of your phone’s statuses will be saved in the gallery. If you use this Whatsapp, you won’t need any third-party apps to download Whatsapp statuses..

Anti Status Delete

This Whatsapp mod apk also has an anti-status-deletion feature, which allows you to see what statuses have been deleted. You can also respond to status updates, which will impress your friends and family. This Whatsapp mod apk is known for having one of the best features.

ZEWhatsapp DND Mode

This Whatsapp mod apk also includes a DND mode. Flight mode is another name for it. You can force your Whatsapp to stop if you enable this feature. You won’t need to turn off your internet to stop Whatsapp if you enable this mod.

Hide/Freeze Last Seen

You can also hide and freeze your last seen on this Whatsapp. It has a “freeze last seen,” which allows you to freeze your last seen. If you enable this feature, you will be able to show offline while online. This Whatsapp has a fantastic privacy feature. You can conveniently ignore anyone you want with the help of this feature.

Hide/Lock Whatsapp Chats 

Are you looking for an extra layer of protection? If that’s the case, this Whatsapp is for you. It provides you with additional protection. You can now use a custom pin or pattern to lock your Whatsapp chats. This Whatsapp increases your security because no one can access your Whatsapp chats unless you unlock them.

Customize Theme

If you’ve grown tired of the standard WA themes, this application will come in handy. You can change the theme, wallpaper, and bubbles on the message screen, among other things. “Which WA do I prefer?” could be used instead.

Translate Conversion in ZEWhatsapp

It is not necessary to use Google Translate to translate messages. Within the message interface, the direct translation is available. As a result, you are not perplexed when conversing with strangers, and you immediately comprehend what they are saying. ZE Whatsapp Apk will be very useful if you like to send large files. You can use it on your phone as well.

The lock can also automatically respond to messages. This ensures that your messages are secure. Some of its developers constantly update ZE WA. This process is usually too slow for the original version to keep up with. You’ll almost certainly run into issues or miss out on features if you use it. In general, updates for work or regular messaging can be done every few months.

App Locker

The app has several security features, including using an app locker. Applying a password, PIN, or fingerprint to your private conservation will keep it safe and secure. This feature protects your sensitive personal information if someone else uses your device.

Translate the Conversation

You can use an inbuilt translator to translate messages into your native tongue in unknown languages. You do not need to use Google Translate for this. Turn on the feature, and you can send and receive messages in any language you want. The app is now available in India, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Bangladesh, and other major countries.

Use of Stickers

There are two types of stickers available in the app: local and dual stickers. Local stickers are the default stickers used in the same way that Instagram stories are used; select the sticker, adjust it in the required space, and paste it. Dual stickers, on the other hand, are used for emotional forms. You can make a new sticker by joining two stickers together. You can make your sticker collection.

How To Download & Install ZEWhatsapp For Android?

Here is the complete guide to downloading and installing the ZEWhatsapp file on your android device.

  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp
  • Allow all the permissions
  • Enable allow apps from unknown sources
  • Download the new Apk file from here
  • Save the apk file
  • Now click on the apk file to install it
  • Fill all the required filed
  • Now you can use the app


Is zewhatsapp safe?

If you download WhatsApp from a source other than the official site, your computer may be at risk because these are frequently infected with malware or viruses harmful to your computer.

When will we be able to use ZE WhatsApp on iOS devices?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a specific date when ZE WhatsApp will be available.


GBWhatsapp is the foundation for ZEWhatsapp. It’s a tweaked version of official Whatsapp that includes functionality like downloading Whatsapp statuses, hiding/freezing last seen, locking Whatsapp conversations, etc. Download ZE whtsapp 2022 premium App free from here. With this Whatsapp mod apk, you can now do a lot more.

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