YM Whatsapp Apk Download Latest Official Version (2022)

Everyone who owns an Android phone, as we all know, uses WhatsApp. People want to use the latest WhatsApp features, which were unavailable in previous versions. People are looking for the most recent versions of WhatsApp for this purpose but cannot locate them. You do not need to be concerned because we have provided you with the most recent versions of WhatsApp on this website. This blog will inform you about the latest and fantastic version of WhatsApp, YM Whatsapp Apk.

What is YM WhatsApp APK 2022?

Jesus Muentes developed YMWhatsApp, which is a MOD version of the original WhatsApp. This is a Clone of WhatsApp for Android that has a lot of features. It has more advanced privacy and security features than WhatsApp’s original version.

Overview of YM WhatsApp

App Name YM Whatsapp APK
Version v22.2
Size 30 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.3
Rating Count 1008
Price Free
Last Updated Last Week

Features Of YM WhatsApp

Some latest cool and amazing features of YM Whatsapp plus app are listed down. Have a look below and download updated pro version of the app free from our website.

Custom Privacy

Various privacy features can be applied to the entire app suppose you don’t want to do this and want to apply a specific privacy feature to a specific contact. In that case, you can use the custom privacy feature, which allows you to apply different options to different contacts.

Decide the Status Seen

When you view a person’s status, they will not be aware that you have seen their message. When viewing the status, you can control it by clicking the double tick button. So, in this app, you have complete control.

Hiding Option

As we all know, the hiding option in WhatsApp is not available in older versions. However, there’s no need to be concerned because this WhatsApp version includes all the hiding options. With this version of WhatsApp, you can now hide your online status, Blue Ticks, profile pictures, last seen, and much more. This is one of the best features of this WhatsApp version. This version of WhatsApp has gained so much popularity in such a short period.

YM+ Read Deleted Messages

The old version of WhatsApp, as we all know, does not allow you to read deleted messages. But there’s no need to be concerned because this version of WhatsApp allows you to read deleted messages. You will be notified if someone sends you messages and then deletes them. Don’t worry; these messages were not removed from your account. You can read these messages.

Different Styles of Writing

As you can see, the developer of this version of WhatsApp has added the ability to write in various styles. Now, when you use this version of WhatsApp, you can chat with your contacts in various styles and fonts. This is a desirable feature for users. This is why a large number of people use this WhatsApp version.

YM WhatsApp Apk Anti-Ban

An anti-ban feature is included in the app. Because this is a third-party app, it’s easy to get into trouble, and some third-party apps can result in your phone number being blocked for life. However, with this app, you will no longer have this issue.

View Deleted Messages

When you use this app, you will be free to know the message that the other person has deleted. Next time your friend deletes a message in group chats, you can easily view it even after the deletion. You can also view deleted messages on MB WhatsApp and AdWhatsapp.

Bio Under Name

You can now see the bio right next to the names of your contacts. While chatting, you can see any bio lines they’ve written under the name of your contact.

YM Whatsapp Advanced Privacy

Advanced privacy options are a critical feature we expect from an instant me  app. You can have complete control over your online activities and your appearance on other people’s lists. Blue ticks, double ticks, last seen, online status, typing indicator, recording status, and many other features can be hidden. You can read deleted messages using the anti-deleted message feature. YMWA is more appealing on WhatsApp Mod because of its extensive privacy options.

Custom privacy

Every user has their priorities and preferences to secure their conversations. The custom privacy feature means users can customize their privacy settings. Like you hide messages if you desire, hide last seen or visibility only to certain contacts, and so on. You can modify your privacy settings according to your specifications.

Status Downloading in YMWhatsApp

You liked the Christmas status that someone uploaded on WhatsApp, but you don’t want to ask that person for the video. Then this WhatsApp has it covered for you! The inbuilt status downloader will let you save the status videos and images to your phone’s external storage or gallery.

Silently Delete YM Whatsapp+ Messages

When you delete a message on WhatsApp, a message with the words “This message has been deleted” and a symbol appears. You can get rid of the symbol and the message. Put another way, delete messages quietly without letting the other person know.

Download Status

As we all know, there are times when we want to download the status of someone else. However, users of an older version of WhatsApp cannot download the status. You don’t have to be concerned because, in this version of WhatsApp, you can download the status of another person without informing them. This is the feature that distinguishes this version of WhatsApp from others.

Free Premium Features

People are looking for free versions of WhatsApp that allow them to use the premium features without spending any money. Due to poor financial circumstances, people were unable to purchase premium features. This version of WhatsApp allows users to use its premium features for free without having to pay a single cent. This version of WhatsApp is becoming more popular due to its user-friendly features.

Toast online, status view, change profile picture.

The toast fiction feature is a one-of-a-kind feature that will send you notifications about specific contacts in your WhatsApp. When a user comes online, the Toast online feature will alert you and send you a notification. Similarly, when certain contacts change their profile picture, you will be notified.

YM Whatsapp Multilanguage 

YMWA has multiple languages within the app, allowing you to switch to a more comfortable language. You can also change the language of the entire interface and any messages you send to other users.

Calls privacy.

The creators of this APK made sure to include various privacy options for users. You have to save someone’s number whenever you want to send them a message on WhatsApp, but YMWA allows you to message or call them without saving their number.

Change font style.

The customization options available to users are incredible. You can change the look of the complication and the privacy settings. Change the font style and add fun fonts to make your chatting more enjoyable.

YMWhatsApp Group message counter.

This allows users to keep track of how many group messages they have on WhatsApp. You can see how many messages your friends have sent each other in a group. The total number of messages sent and received will be displayed.

Block WhatsApp with a PIN

You can use the built-in app lock to block or protect your conversations. Protect your conversations with a PIN or password. It will only be accessible if you enter the correct PIN.

Hide Typing and Recording

When you type in their chat box, you can also hide the recording and typing options that other people see. They won’t know if this feature is enabled in this app.

In-build Junk Cleaner:

WhatsApp takes up a lot of space in our internal storage, which you may not want. With the Junk cleaner feature, you can easily clean them.

Disable Call Button:

If you use WhatsApp for various purposes and receive many calls, enable this option; it will turn off the call function, and no one will be able to bother you.

Airplane Mode

This feature allows you to disconnect WhatsApp from the internet and use your phone for other purposes.

Send Audio up to 100MB

You can send audio files up to 10MB in the original WhatsApp, but you can send up to 100MB in the YMWhatsApp APK.

Send Videos up to 500MB

You can send videos up to 16MB in original WhatsApp, but up to 500MB in YMWhatsApp

Pros & Cons of YMWhatsapp Plus App

Some advantages and disadvantages of the latest update whatsapp YM are as given below, have a look at that:


  • Send any file type: APK, PDF, ZIP, RAR, etc.
  • The legend “Write…” can be turned on or off.
  • The files that can be sent have a maximum size of 700MB.
  • Only a few people will be able to see our “states.”


  • Because YMWhatsApp is not a Google app, it can cause issues with your original WhatsApp account and even cause it to be deleted.
  • Apps downloaded from APK, such as B. Yo WhatsApp, are not filtered in the same way that apps downloaded from the iOS or Android app store are. As a result, when attempting to purchase the app, each user must be responsible for their safety.

How To Download & Install YM Whatsapp For Android?

Here is the complete guide to downloading and installing the YM WhatsApp iOS 22.1 file on your android device.

  • Uninstall any version of WhatsApp mod you have before
  • Download the current version of YO WhatsApp from any of the links above
  • Click to install the app when the download is done
  • Activate the Install from unknown source option to continue the process
  • Next is to follow the instruction to complete the installation process.

What’s New in YMWhatsapp Business v23.5?

  • Fixed fingerprint lock bug.
  • Fixed lag or slowness.


Is YM WhatsApp safe?

Yes, it’s risk-free! However, there are some security risks and the possibility of being banned by WhatsApp. Any bans will be prevented by the anti-ban feature included in the most recent version.

Is YM WhatsApp is available on iOS devices?

We’re afraid we won’t be able to give you an exact date when YM WhatsApp will be available.


This YM can be downloaded. To use WhatsApp with more control, download the app add various UI elements, and apply various themes to it. Download this app and use it to explore all of its other features.

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