TM Whatsapp Download v8.11 For Android 2022 (Official)

Tm WhatsApp Apk/iOS is a modded version of official WhatsApp that adds a slew of new features and tools that the original WhatsApp lacks. You can only pick 30 photographs at a time on the official WhatsApp messenger, and you can only forward each message to 5 recipients.  Download the most recent version of this WhatsApp and  share nearly 100 photos at once. Other mod versions of WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Pro, GB WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus, are also available for download.

What is TM Whatsapp APK 2022?

Titus Mukisa created this WhatsApp, a modified version of the original WhatsApp messenger. This WhatsApp has several hard-to-find features and functions that improve the user experience while keeping it simple. Some of the characteristics of this WhatsApp that set it apart from other messaging apps and make it popular and efficient are listed below.

Overview of TM Whatsapp Apk

App Name TM Whatsapp APK
Version V8.11
Size 54.6 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.8
Rating Count 1150
Price Free
Last Updated Last Week

Features of TM Whatsapp Apk App For Android

This pro app’s goal was to give users complete control over their devices. Some of its most notable features are listed below.

Edit text messages after sending.

Yes, WhatsApp users will now be able to edit the message after sending it. In this App, You can edit messages after sending them. This Feature is also available for Android, IOS, and desktops. 

Personalization of themes 

Several theme libraries are available on this MOD. Any theme from the libraries can be used as a background or change the entire program’s interface. Anyone can customize the theme to their liking to give it a unique appearance.

TM Whatsapp Apk Several Contacts

This WhatsApp allows you to send multiple messages to a large group of people. This modified application allows you to send a single message as a forward message to multiple contacts without the forward tag appearing at the top. In the original edition, you were only allowed to send certain types of information to a limited number of people. This App allows you to make multiple contacts at once.

Reply On Autopilot

It is capable of automatically responding to messages. You won’t have to open the chat window and respond to each individual.

Audios to be sent

As with previous official WhatsApp versions, the length of audio songs that can be shared is likely limited to a few MBs. However, in this WhatsApp, audio files of up to 100 MB can be sent. This comes in handy when transferring large audio files at once.

The conversation is being hidden.

You can hide your chat from the notification area and the app’s home screen. If anyone does not want to be notified, please let us know. By hiding the conversation notifications, this Feature increases privacy even more. The user can easily alter the settings to allow only those contacts required for any notification and exclude those who are not.

TM Whatsapp Privacy

The privacy of the user is a top priority for the application. Only a few people will be able to see the current situation. If a user’s status is something they don’t want to see, they can mute it. As previously stated, TM WhatsApp increases privacy to some extent, resulting in a better user experience.

Documents to be sent

The official WhatsApp messaging app users can send a limited number of documents at once. On the other hand, this WhatsApp allows you to share documents with your friends by selecting up to 100 documents at once. One of the essential features of this WhatsApp is that it simplifies the job.

Long-term status

One of the most widely criticized aspects of the original WhatsApp program was the short duration of status updates. A person is only allowed to share a 30-second status at a time. On the other hand, users of TM WhatsApp will no longer be limited to 30-second updates; instead, they will be able to post updates lasting up to 7 minutes.

User-interface of Whatsapp TM           

The UI of this app is highly user-friendly and identical to that of the original WhatsApp, so it won’t require any additional technical knowledge to use. Except for a few extra features and settings, the updated version is nearly identical to the original.

Share longer audio

The file sizes of audio files can exceed 100 MB with this app, compared to the few MBs with other mods.

TM Whatsapp Send Images

There will no longer be any restrictions on sharing more than 30 images. The app allows you to share nearly 100 photos at once.

Long Messages in Status

In the original and other modded versions of WhatsApp, long text messages are restricted, but in TM WhatsApp, users can enter more than 250 characters in a single status and message.

Anti-delete Messages

When someone sends you a message, they can delete it quickly, preventing you from reading it. As a result, TMWhatsApp has made it possible to create an anti-delete messaging system. You can still read the message or status if the other person deletes it.

TMWhatsapp Customization

This WhatsApp has a flexible customization feature that can make it more appealing. You can expressly change the themes and display the picture on your WhatsApp according to your preferences. Furthermore, you will be able to change the background or even the entire structure according to specific themes.

Contextualize Conversation

You can hide the notification from the app’s notification area and home screen to ensure that you never see the conversation.

Send Long Documents

You can share documents from your contacts with up to 100 people.

Copying the status

In the official version of WhatsApp, you can’t copy other people’s text, images, or videos. However, without having to use a third-party program, WhatsApp users can copy the text of any of their friends’ statuses and download the video picture from the status. This Feature makes work easier and faster.

TM Whatsapp Latest Version – VPN Proxy

Even if you’re in a country where WhatsApp isn’t allowed, you can use this feature to connect to legitimate WhatsApp servers.

Personal privacy control

It’s all about sharing your statuses with a select group of people. You can also mute his status if you don’t want to know who you’re talking to.

Auto-replying Mode

TM WhatsApp has an auto-reply mode that allows you to customize your message. So that you can send your contacts even if you’re not available. You can also choose to keep your conversations private. You’ll need to hide the notification area and messages from the home screen to accomplish this. It is essential for those who wish to keep their conversations private.

TM Premium Apps

This App now includes direct download links to over 300 fully paid premium Android applications that can be downloaded for free. These apps are considered to be of higher quality than free apps.

High Sending Capacity

TM WhatsApp, for example, allows you to send a long status message of at least 7 minutes, which is quite impressive. Similarly, you can send up to 100 documents at once, even though the original WhatsApp does not support this.

Furthermore, This WhatsApp has an extensive audio sending capacity, allowing you to send up to 100MB of audio at a time. You can also send up to 100 photos at once.

Auto-Responder in TM Whatsapp Free

There’s no need to open the chat to reply to the messages anymore. We’ve made it more accessible.

How to Download and Install the TM Whatsapp?

  • Take a backup of your data if you are using the official version
  • Uninstall the normal version
  • Download the APK file from the above link
  • Save the file in a folder
  • Click on the APK file to install
  • Enter your mobile number and wait for the code
  • Once you receive OTP, put it in the desired field
  • Enter your name and complete the process


Is TM WhatsApp Safe?

This application is risk-free and risk-free for use on any Android device. It is a customized version of the messaging app WhatsApp. But it contains some extra features.

Is this TmWhatsApp apk 2022 new version secure?

The answer is yes; however, due to the numerous privacy issues that are associated with the messaging application, it is strongly recommended that you do not use any version that has been modded.

Is TmWhatsApp available on the google play store?

No, it is not, as it is a Modded version so that you can download this from our website.

Is TMWA update Available for iPhone?

No, this app is available for Android users only at the moment.

Can I use TMWA on the Web?

No, TM WhatsApp web is not available. This app is only available for Android only.

Final Words

This WhatsApp is a decent re-modified version, especially for users in unavailable countries. Features wise, TMWA has all you need, and you don’t need to run after some other WAMOD which has less frequent updates. So, the good one and getting frequent updates from the developer Titus Mukisa. Try it once, and I am sure you will not regret it. I hope you like this android application, and I will meet you in the next one. Peace

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