Royal Whatsapp Apk 2023 Download Latest Version For Android

WhatsApp has become popular in recent years as social media has evolved. WhatsApp users want more features and security settings. To help WhatsApp users enjoy more features, we have the latest Royal WhatsApp Mod APK in 2023. NO WhatsApp and WhatsApp MA are two of the best WhatsApp mod apps. WhatsApp Royal isn’t as advanced as the original WhatsApp, but its better. This app has excellent privacy settings and EMOJIS. NAEEM Ahmad created the app.

What is Royal WhatsApp APK 2023?

Royal WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp app. You get a lot of extra features in this WhatsApp that aren’t available on the official WhatsApp. You can do a lot more with this WhatsApp mod APK than with official WhatsApp. It provides you with additional security and privacy. You can hide/freeze your last seen on this WhatsApp. This WhatsApp mod also allows you to lock your WhatsApp chats and groups.


App Name Royal WhatsApp APK
Version V5.50
Size 21.4 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.4
Rating Count 1097
Price Free
Last Updated Last Week

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Royal Whatsapp

Features of Royal Whatsapp Apk For Android iOS

This updated version of the App includes all of the available features in the previous version. However, we will discuss the unique aspects of this product.

Fast execution

The overall performance of the App is significantly improved over its predecessor. In this manner, you will receive a dependable, more sanitary, and quick service.

Enhanced privacy options

This version offers a higher degree of privacy than the previous one. By hiding ticks, bubbles, and seen status, you can maintain your privacy significantly. In addition, you can set varying degrees of privacy for specific contacts and group chats.

Free of file format

The original App only allows you to transfer a limited number of different types of files. Because of this, you will not be able to share specific files. You can move any file using this version. You no longer need to be concerned about the format of the file.

Increased character limits

The App’s initial version only gives you access to 144 characters for your status. However, 255 characters are available to you in this version. You will be able to convey somewhat more than you would typically with this method.

Ability to store WhatsApp data

The ability to back up data is exclusive to the latest version of WhatsApp; older versions do not support it. However, this version enables you to create backups of your data.

Royal Whatsapp Zooming option

You can zoom the profile image of your contacts.

Message options

The original App does not allow you to send a message to a number, not in your contacts. But this version lets you do that.

Royal App Freeze Last Scene

A function that allows you to hide your last seen and one that will enable you to freeze it is included in this WhatsApp mod APK. You can take advantage of this incredible feature of WhatsApp if you want to give the impression that you are offline even though you are currently connected to the internet.

When you enable the option to freeze your last seen, you will be shown as offline even if you are currently connected to the service. Nobody can tell whether or not you are currently connected to the internet.

Hide/Lock WhatsApp Chats

This WhatsApp mod APK allows you to use a custom pin or pattern to hide and lock your WhatsApp chats. Nobody can see your messages in the WhatsApp chat after you close it unless you unlock it with the password you set. You can become a more secure and safe WhatsApp user this way.


This WhatsApp mod APK’s interface is entirely customizable. You can now customize WhatsApp with custom themes, logos, styles, fonts, etc. This WhatsApp mod APK provides you with 200+ unique themes to download and install. You can make your WhatsApp more attractive in this way. This WhatsApp mod also allows you to add new and more gifs, stickers, emojis, and other features.

Royal Apk DND Mode

Royal WhatsApp also supports DND mode, which is a great way to turn off WhatsApp without disconnecting from the internet. Flight mode is another name for this mode. If you enable this mode, you will no longer be able to send or receive WhatsApp messages.

Blue Ticks after Reply

Blue ticks after a reply are one of the most unique and intriguing features of this WhatsApp mod APK. You can now read WhatsApp messages without having to enable blue ticks. Only after you respond to the chat will the blue ticks appear. You can avoid unwanted discussions and messages this way.

Hide Second Tick

Another fantastic feature of this WhatsApp mod is the ability to hide the status bar. It allows you to see your WhatsApp friends’ statuses without them knowing. If you enable this function, you will not appear in the list of status viewers.

Status Downloader

You also get a status downloader in this WhatsApp mod APK, which enables you to download WhatsApp statuses into your phone’s gallery with just a single click. A third party developed this mod. You don’t need to use any other apps because this method will allow you to download any WhatsApp status.

Anti-Revoke Message

This WhatsApp mod APK includes a feature called “Anti-revoked message,” which enables users to view messages that have been revoked or deleted by other WhatsApp users. On WhatsApp, you can now see all of the messages that have been deleted. You can also respond to WhatsApp status updates that have been deleted by selecting those updates and using this feature.

Royal Whatsapp Apk Contact Details

It is not possible to send messages to people without saving their contact details in the official version of WhatsApp; however, with this updated APK version of WhatsApp, it is possible to send messages to people whose contact detail is not saved on your phone. This feature is only available on Android devices.

Updated Emoji

As the need for emojis continues to grow, the incredible feature of this Royale WhatsApp APK is that it comes with an extensive collection of varying emojis. This comes as a direct response to the rising popularity of emojis. With this WhatsApp APK, you will find that you have the option to select from a wide range of emojis. You have the opportunity to choose the emoji of your choice from WhatsApp’s store, which is a convenient feature.

Data Restore and Backup

There is also the possibility of restoring your data, which is a feature available with the WhatsApp client that was initially developed. This is yet another essential aspect of the royal WhatsApp APK 2023. You need to activate the backup feature before the data can be restored in a short amount of time.

File Transfer With Royal Pro App

The original version of WhatsApp only had a limited and specific file transfer feature, making it very annoying to use while users were trying to get critical work done. This issue is resolved when using this application APK, like all different kinds of files and media can be transferred between devices. You can send the large files, the audio and video files, and the images.

Enhanced 5.41 Character’s Length

This royal Enfield status for WhatsApp APK features a status light that significantly improves WhatsApp’s original implementation. This version of WhatsApp allows you to set a level of up to 255 characters long, whereas the official version of WhatsApp only allows for 139 characters.

You can also conceal your status from the individuals you wish to hide your identity. Another feature that added value to this APK application is the ability to hide the last seen, status viewer typing, and recording bar while sending a message. This was one of the ways that the developers made the application more user-friendly. The royal status in WhatsApp grants access to additional features, including the capacity to zoom in on the individual profiles that make up your contact list. This feature was not included in the initial release of WhatsApp, which is also the case.

RoyalWhatsApp Transparent Send Big Files

This APK possesses many other features, one of which is the capacity to send large files such as video, audio, or other document files without being restricted by a size limit. This application enables you to send any file type to your contacts, in contrast to the original version of WhatsApp, which only allows you to send a limited number of file types.

Backup and Restore Data

If you plan to download and install this App, there is no need for concern regarding the data stored in your previous WhatsApp account because it will be preserved. This modified APK makes it possible for you to restore and retrieve your data from the earlier version. Simply click the “Restore” button to gain access to your data immediately.

Zoom Profile Image

This application has been updated with many new features and improvements specifically for you. When you touch the profile pictures of your contacts, this app allows you to zoom in on them and then zoom out again.

Message to Unknown Numbers

To message someone using the official WhatsApp app, we must first save their WhatsApp number before we are given the option to send them a message. However, if you use Royal WhatsApp Transparent, you will be able to communicate with your contacts even if they are not listed in the App’s address book.

Free of the file format

The initial version of the App gives you the ability to send specific categories of files. Because of this, you cannot transfer many different types of files. You can share any kind of file if you use this version. You no longer have to be concerned about the format of the file.

Things to Consider First Before Using APK

You need to be aware of a few restrictions regarding this APK before you decide whether or not to download and install it on your Android device. As the Royal WhatsApp New Version app is based on the official WhatsApp client, you will first need to remove WhatsApp from your device to install it. If you install this application, the system will recognize it as a copy of another application, and it won’t let you finish the installation process because of this.

Because it is not an official app and goes against the terms and conditions of the Google Play Store, you will need to use a third-party website such as Malavida to download the application. You can download this App and use it if you want to, and you can do so below. You’ll be able to take advantage of its unique features, but this app won’t receive updates as the official App does.

Installation Guide for Royal WhatsApp MOD APK

  • First of all, delete any version of WhatsApp on our device (if it is present)
  • Secondly and most importantly, turn on the option of “download from unknown sources”.
  • Thirdly, browse the application.
  • Furthermore, install it.
  • Congratulations, you can now use your application.

If you want to update, then repeat the same procedure. You will not find the application on the play store, so use the link in this article to download and install it.


Is it safe to use Royal WhatsApp?

Using Royal WhatsApp is completely risk-free and safe to do so at this time. This WhatsApp mod APK keeps all of your conversations and data private and safe. That information is inaccessible to everyone.

What is the most unique feature of royal WhatsApp?

It is possible to record sound inside of it without giving away the precise location of the recording. It is quite clear that this feature is not offered by any other service.

Is royal WhatsApp a virus?

Absolutely not; it is not a virus at all. Royal WhatsApp is absolutely risk-free and secure in every way. The utilization of this application will never present any difficulties.

Is Royal WhatsApp is official WhatsApp?

This mod app was developed by an unofficial developer in order to add some more advanced features and functions. This APK does not resemble the official WhatsApp in any way, shape, or form.

Is there any other name for royal WhatsApp?

Yes! “Transparent WhatsApp” is yet another name for it.


In the previous section, we went over a few of the useful features and capabilities that the Royal WhatsApp App possesses. This application does have a few perks, but it also has a few drawbacks that we must consider. You will need to remove WhatsApp from your device, but if you really want some additional features beyond what your standard WhatsApp offers, you can download this APK and use it on your Android device after removing WhatsApp.

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