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Pink Whatsapp Apk 2023 Official Version Download

On the internet, you can find various WhatsApp modifications. But they are not secure, and some might even have malware. A new version of WhatsApp called Pink Whatsapp Apk with an attractive logo has recently gained popularity. You will receive an improved version of WhatsApp with extra features, per the description of WhatsApp Pink. However, this WhatsApp clone app is malicious.

What Is Pink Whatsapp Apk 2022?

Because of its pink themes and adorable interfaces, Pink App, also known as OB2Whatsapp, is a MOD version created by renowned developer Omar Batheeb. It functions alongside the original WhatsApp using a different phone number.

Overview of Pink Whatsapp Mod Apk

App Name Pink Whatsapp
Version v3.95
Size 44 MB
Downloads 367K+
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.4
Rating Count 48752
Price Free
Last Updated 11 Hours Ago

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SS of Pink Whatsapp Download

Features of Pink Whatsapp for Android/iOS

Below we have mentioned some of the top features provided by this version of the app.

File Format

Any file, in any format, to send. You can share files like mp4 and mp3 without worrying about their size or length. Pink No matter how long a document is, you can send it via WhatsApp. Therefore, you won’t be restricted by the file size. In contrast to some Modded versions of WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp, this WhatsApp allows you to increase the maximum video size that you won’t share.

Lock Pink WhatsApp

From the main interface, select OB2WhatsApp, then select the method you want to use to lock WhatsApp.

Control Appearance

From Omar Adds, you can control the appearance of WhatsApp’s lower and upper bars, turn on the story format similar to Instagram, and access additional options.

Pink WA Privacy

Privacy management hasn’t been as secure as it is with WhatsApp. Choose the level and kind of privacy you want to configure for your application’s security. This means you won’t be required to download any additional security software to encrypt your application. You can also hide pink DP for Whatsapp. There are a lot of options available to you to secure your application, including numeric key lock, pattern, etc. Additionally, you can manually configure fingerprint security for WhatsApp in the settings if your phone supports it. Privacy and security are taken very seriously in pink app and it is getting better day by day and each update is getting better than before.

For example, if you are online and your number has been sent to some people who harass and annoy you when they see you online. So you can hide your online status at will by going to privacy and security. That way they won’t bother you anymore. You can also choose some contacts so that you can receive your calls. All other calls are automatically canceled. You can hide from your contacts using whose status you saw that you have viewed your status. You can decide to protect any of your private conversations using (PIN, Pattern).

Pink Interface

Modify the interface’s theme, color, notification area, and other aspects. Some of you might be under the impression that the application’s background will always be pink. Although the application’s default color is pink, you can manually change it using the settings, so that is just a myth. Any available color or image can be used for your application’s background.

Text style Appearance

You can modify the textual styles’ appearance and shading from the application. To match the foundation, the traditional text style can be changed to rise on, or the shade of the text style can be changed from dark to any shade you like.

Font Appearance

You can alter the color and style of the fonts from the application and change the theme. You can change the default font to bubble on or change the color of the font from black to any other color to blend in with the background. Pink whatsapp is specially designed for the girls who like the pink color.

Data Encryption

Without requiring the use of any other applications, it will protect users’ privacy by enabling them to set up a password or any other encryption method to secure their WhatsApp. Additionally, you can set up the password as a finger scan lock if your phone supports the finger lock feature.

Password Setup

From this Whatsapp Apk settings, setting up passwords and other locks is simple.

Pink Whatsapp Premium Themes

The option of theme download new themes directly into this application’s library is one of the intriguing features that will astound you. You can easily download the desired background color and theme and set them later in the library.

Status & Video Downloader

Nowadays, downloading status from WhatsApp is not a big deal, but you will frequently be prompted to download a status downloader to accomplish this. What if you only want to download the status without using any other applications? Then this WhatsApp will be a necessity.

By clicking the downloading icon that can be found next to each status, users can download any user’s video status and upload it directly to the gallery. You can directly download Whatsapp status through Tm Whatsapp and Whatsapp Red.

Pink Whatsapp Red Security

The protection command hasn’t been as secure as it is with WhatsApp. Choose the protection you want to install and what kind of protection you need for the security of your application. This means that you won’t be asked to download any third source of security to encrypt your application. Numerous options, such as a numeric key lock, will be available to you to secure your application. Additionally, if your phone supports fingerprint security, you can physically set it for WhatsApp from the settings menu.

Copy Text

You can directly copy text from your friends’ status updates and paste it wherever you want on your mobile device. This is one of the more clever features of this application because there aren’t many WhatsApp Modded applications that let you copy text status directly.

Shroud Message

Hide the conversations on the home screen. Alternately, set the secret phrase for. If someone were to open the message from WhatsApp’s home screen, they would also need to enter the secret word you had previously set. Also, remember that the secret words for the application and the visit will differ, so don’t worry about them being the same.

Send Large Files

We know that the original WhatsApp has a 16 MB file size restriction. Therefore, you cannot send large files using WhatsApp’s original version. In contrast to WhatsApp’s original version, you can now send large files with the aid of this app.

Record Format

Send any arrangement documentation. You can share files like MP4s and MP3s without worrying about their size or length. Pink WhatsApp allows you to send documents and archives no matter how long. The document size won’t constrain you as a result. However, with this WhatsApp, you can increase the length of the video you will not share, just like in the original WhatsApp and some Modded variations of WhatsApp.

Attractive UI

Whatsapp Pink, favored by users, uses eye-catching graphics and hues. The user has adjusted every setting to their preference.

FM Pink Whatsapp Red Benefits

This Whatsapp feature essentially offers five options. When you clicked any of these, the message was sent instantly.

  • With this you can send a message that you have written already.
  • This feature allows you to edit your message and adjust its settings.
  • This feature allows you to create a stylist in your text message.  (Bold, Big, Italic) and much more.
  • Like 👍, with this feature, you can send if you like something during the conversation.
  • Heart ❤️, this feature is used when you like something very much and you can send it ❤️ without wasting time to find the emoji.

Latest Version of Pink Whatsapp

Auto Reply Action

Suppose you’re a businessperson using Whatsapp Pink. In that case, you can use this feature to create a traditional message, from which any messages sent by your contacts will trigger the response you added earlier to be sent as a reply.

Schedule Message

This WhatsApp feature allows you to choose when a message is sent. This feature is typically used when you are extremely busy and need to send a critical message. Timely self-sending.

What’s new in the Pink Whatsapp Latest Version? 

  • DND feature
  • Add effects to the image and video files before sending them
  • Brand-new Android Oreo Emojis and other entertaining stickers
  • Send up to 100 files or documents at once without any download problems.
  • Make calls to both known and unknown numbers in addition to your contacts.

Pros & Cons of FM Pink App Update

Some pros & cons of the latest app update are as given below, have a look at that:


  • Advanced customization: This WhatsApp gives us the most customization options compared to the official WhatsApp Messenger. From the settings menu, we can change colors and icons and download user-created themes.
  • Advanced privacy options: We can manage privacy features like our connection time, which we can freeze so that no one can see if we’ve been back online after the time shown on the interface. Additionally, it enables us to connect without displaying our online status, and we can decide whether to conceal these features generally or only for particular contacts or groups.


  • The potential danger of getting banned: Since this is a MOD created without authorization, there is always a chance that WhatsApp will ban us and block our account until we reinstall the official version. Many users of this MOD and other well-known versions had their accounts blocked back when it happened.
  • No automatic updates: Another drawback is that Pink WhatsApp requires manual updating; it does not update automatically. To obtain the most recent updates and antiban functions that are gradually added to avoid the bans above, we will need to pay attention to the potential release of new versions and download them as soon as possible.

How To Download & Install Pink Whatsapp GB?

Here is the complete guide for Pink WA IOS latest version download 2022 the file on your android device.

  • Uninstall any version of WhatsApp mod you have before
  • Download the latest version of  this WhatsApp app from any of the links above
  • Install Pinkwhatsapp when the download is done
  • Activate the Install from unknown source option to continue the process
  • Next is to follow the instruction to complete the installation process.

Pink GBWhatsapp

Communication is the category for the Android application GB Pink – Mod created by Osound of Mod. The most recent version, 1.3, was made public on January 30th, 2022. GB WA Pink – Mod reportedly received more than 450 thousand installs on Google Play. There are currently 13,000 ratings for GB WA Pink – Mod, with an average rating of 4.0. Download pink gb whatsapp and enjoy the best features you want.

Pink Whatsapp Plus

Tools is the Android app Whatsapp plus Pink category, created by Elixir Studios. The most recent version, 1.0.0, was released on June 26, 2017. Whatsapp plus Pink reportedly received over 10,000 installs, according to Google Play. There are currently 4,000 ratings for Whatsapp plus Pink, with an average rating of 4.5.


What is Pink Whatsapp?
A new MOD known as Pink Whatsapp is currently developed. It has a pink interface for those who wants everything pink. Not only color, but also it has cool fatures.
Is this WhatsApp available on the play store?
Because this application is a modded version, the Google Play Store will not allow you to download it. On our website, however, you will be able to locate it!
Is the application free?
Yes, you can install this application for FREE! You can get app’s latest news through our website.
Is this app safe to use?
Yes, millions of users are using this version of WhatsApp
Can this Whatsapp Work on iPhone?
Yes Its Working Awesome In iPhone same as Andriod


In light of its appealing user interface, we recommend this program. Although this application has virtually every feature in any Modded version of WhatsApp, it is still recommended for installation due to its gorgeous user interface. Those who have used this application before adoring it for its unique user interface.

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