OGWhatsapp Apk 2023 Download Latest Version (Anti-Ban)

Whatsapp is the best messaging app nowadays. It does not need any kind of introduction as it has 500 million active users globally. OGWhatsapp Apk has solved the problem of the limits that users were facing in official WhatsApp. This app has solved the mystery of hidden features. Additionally, this is an amazing alternative messaging app for Whatsapp. OGWhatsapp app for Android is a modded application of WhatsApp.

Moreover, this MOD Apk app is developed by third-party developers with advanced privacy and security. By downloading and installing OGWA, users can control the privacy of WhatsApp. To know more about OG Whatsapp, read the features mentioned below.

What is OGWhatsapp Apk 2023?

OGWhatsapp Apk is the best-modded app among the people. It has many amazing and cool features. It became very popular just because of its anti-ban feature. Also, it includes all the features of the original WhatsApp. Like FMWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp, Golden Whatsapp, Cyber Whatsapp Apk, Whatsapp Plus, Aero Whatsapp, this mod is also developed with a clean and attractive user interface. It works smoothly as other mods.

Furthermore, there are many advanced features in OGWA like security, anti-revoke, auto-reply, DND, and many more. Download OG Whatsapp Apk latest version free from our site Whatsapp Apk MOD.


App Name OGWhatsapp Apk
Version v20.20.0
Size 52 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.6
Rating Count 1933
Price Free
Last Updated 5 Days Ago

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OGWhatsapp Apk

Features of OGWhatsapp Apk

There are so many features of OGWA 2023 Apk. Some of the features are fixed as per the update. All the modules of OG Whatsapp Pro come with a privacy feature. Additionally, Here are some amazing and premium features of the updated version of the mod mentioned below:

Anti-Delete Feature

Deleting messages after sending or reading them is a big problem today. People do not like to see the deleted messages and they do not know how to read the deleted messages. Even, Whatsapp official app does not allow its users to see those messages. In OGWA, by enabling this feature, the user can see all the deleted messages without any time span.

In addition, you can also see the deleted media from chat. The most amazing part of this feature is that the media like images, voice notes, videos, and GIFs will not be deleted or removed from the gallery.

Password Protection

In legacy mods, there is no way to hide or protect your WhatsApp application and its media including secret chats. But, this app resolved this problem too. Users can now protect their chats. Even, they can hide particular chats with a password or fingerprint option.

OGWhatsapp Apk Anti-Ban Feature

Just because of the privacy policy, most of the mods get banned. Moreover, users can not recover their accounts and phone number. In this MOD, users can get rid of being banned by WhatsApp. Due to this feature, this app has become so popular and 100% secure.

Share Up To 95 Images

Official WhatsApp does not allow to share of photos of more than 30. In this app, you can share more than 90 images at the same time without any restrictions.

1000+ Elegant Themes

Users of this app can now change the app’s interface many times a day. OG Whatsapp has a theme store where more than 1000 plus free themes are stored. These themes are premium and free for their users. This feature is not available in the official Whatsapp version.

OGWhatsapp App Multi-Accounts

Many people are bounded for a single account on a single app. They are restricted to using dual accounts on different devices. In this app, you can switch between two accounts at the same time. This feature makes switching between multi accounts smooth and seamless.

Hide Online Status

If you want to chat with a particular person and you also want that no one notices your online presence, this application is best for this thing. Now you can hide your online status. Other users won’t be able to see that you are online or offline.

Hide Typing Status

Now you can hide your typing status. Other users won’t be able to see that you are typing something.

OGWA APK Message Scheduler

In the modern era of 2023, everyone is busy with daily tough routines. He or she does not have time to send messages, especially while in the office or driving. Also, you forget to wish your loved ones on special occasions or events like birthdays, EID, Holi, Christmas, and so on.

The great advantage of this app is that you do not have to remember dates to wish for them. Additionally, you don’t need to stay awake all night to wish them a happy birthday just on time. You just schedule your welcome note or greetings with the time and date for a particular contact. On the same date and time, a message will be forwarded to your assigned contact.

OGWhatsapp Apk Anti-Revoke

In this feature of OGWhatsapp apk, you can read the deleted message. Of course, if your friend sends you a text or any media and then suddenly deletes that, you can read or see the message with an anti-revoke feature for free.

Call Unsaved Numbers

If you wish to send a message or wish to make a call to a person who is not on your contact list, this is not possible in the official WhatsApp application. In the OG Whatsapp Pro apk app, you can send a message or make a call to a person who is not in your contact list. This mod has made this thing so much easier and smooth. It saves a lot of time.

OG Whatsapp Pro Status Downloader

Looking for an additional app or whatsapp status story saver app to download someone’s story? No worries, OGWhatsapp apk resolved this issue too. This app has a built-in story downloader. You do not need to download any external downloader.

Whatsapp Locker App

In some smartphones, there is no option to lock the individual apps. Neither official WhatsApp nor legacy phones have the feature to lock the app. OG Whatsapp ios apk has a pre built-in app locker to make it more secure. User can now protect private chats and data. The app has multiple options to secure the app i.e. fingerprint, password protection, PIN, and Pattern lock.

OGWhatsapp Apk Backup & Restore

Like the WhatsApp app, it also has a backup and recovery feature. But the difference is that in OGWhatsapp Apk, you can backup & restore your precious data with a single tap. The cloud storage for backup and data retrieval is so fast even if you have a poor data connection network.

Add Up To 256+ Users

You can add more than 256 users in a group just after. This app also lets users set a group name with an increased character limit. Remember, official WhatsApp has a character limit of 25 only.

What’s New in OGWhatsapp Apk For Android

  • Increased performance.
  • Smooth usability.
  • Enhanced quality.
  • Privacy.
  • Bug fixed.
  • Preview images and videos without downloading.
  • Supports more file types like pdf, txt, doc, docx, xls, eBooks for instance, etc.
  • Latest emojis.
  • GIFs.
  • Send unzipped images.
  • Conversation backup.
  • Edit the OGWhatsapp launcher’s icon.
  • & much more…

OG Whatsapp Versions

OGWhatsapp Pro Apk is being updated constantly. The feature of this app is to change and update according to the need of the day. All the newest versions have the newest features than the older ones (2022/2023). The latest version of OGWA is or v20.20.0.

Some Pros. And Cons. of OGWhatsapp Apk iOS

Some pros and cons of the app are mentioned below. Have a look:


  • Customization.
  • Advanced security.
  • Elegant user-interface.
  • Password protection.
  • App protection.
  • Reliable use.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • increased speed.
  • Bug fixed.
  • Call blocking.
  • DND mode.
  • All features that are discussed above are the part of PROS section.


  • As this is a MOD, it does not come from official sources and websites.
  • This is a third-party app, you have to be conscious of such kinds of applications.
  • Google Play Store and iOS App Store don’t like it.
  • It can be banned in the future.
  • It can steal personal information.

How To Download & Install OGWhatsApp APK?

In addition to this, the MOD app can be installed on the devices by using the method mentioned below:

  • First of all, you need to uninstall any game version that you need to play (if it is already present on the device).
  • Secondly, download the desired application from the link in this article.
  • Afterward, you need to go to your device’s settings, then find the option of security. Finally, go for the possibility of unknown sources. Turn on this feature. Moreover, you can take another step. You can turn off the play protect part of the play store.
  • Then, ensure that your device has enough storage capacity.
  • Search the location of the downloaded file after downloading it.
  • Finally, install the application.
  • Congratulations, you can now play the game of your choice without any restrictions.


Is OG Whatsapp free?

Without a doubt, this app is free for its users with additional premium features. Download now and enjoy smooth and amazing features.

Is it safe to download OGWhatsapp Apk?

Yes, this app is 100% secure to download and use. Download OGWA fearlessly.

How can I download OG whatsapp pro apk for iOS?

Unfortunately, we do offer only APKs for Android devices. Stay tuned to our website, we are working on other versions like PC, Windows, iPad/iPhone iOS,

How to download the app?

Download OGWhatsapp iOS with a single click. This will redirect you to the direct download option from a fast server.


Now, you have read about OGWhatsapp apk and its features. It has a lot of premium hidden things that are not available on official WhatsApp. Especially, the anti-ban and anti-revoke feature is the most user-engaging feature. I recommend you try OG Whatsapp Latest Version at least one time. Download the app from our website free of cost. I hope you’ll like this app. If you have already downloaded this app, let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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