OB6 WhatsApp APK Download Free Latest Version (Official) 2023

In the digital world, communication is the primary key to any personal and professional life. It plays a vital role in our daily routine. For instant messaging, calls, and media sharing, the Whatsapp app has become an essential part of our life. But there is a new advancement if an app that will change and enhance your WhatsApp experience to a whole new level. In addition, Today, GB Waly is going to introduce you to an app that will allow you to use exciting premium features. In this blog post, we will introduce you to OB6 Whatsapp APK and its amazing feature, working. and so on.

What is OB6 Whatsapp Apk?

OB6 is also known as the Omar Whatsapp (6th version). This WhatsApp version is not an official WhatsApp but it is developed by the third-party developers (Omar Labs). Furthermore, OB6 offers you so many latest features that are not available in the original Whatsapp. As this is a modified (modded) application, so, its most of the features are the same as the official app.

But there is a slight difference. Official WhatsApp has some limitations for users. Like sending limited media at a time, limited story timer, no status saver/downloader, limited privacy options, fewer customizations, etc. While on the other hand, OB6Whastapp has no limitations. To see its further details and features, have a look below.

Overview of OB6WhatsApp Apk App

App Name OB6 Whatsapp Apk
Version v45
Size 61 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.5
Rating Count 10658
Price Free
Last Updated 3 Days Ago

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OB6 Whatsapp Apk

Features of OB6 Whatsapp Apk for Android

Here is the list of the latest & most widely used features mentioned below. Have a look at that:

Enhanced Personalization

Ob6 lets users personalize or customize their app screen, chats, fonts, and wallpapers for a specific person or conversation. This feature is still not introduced in the official Whtsapp app.

Unlimited Media Sharing

In official Whatspp, there are limitations for sharing documents, images, videos, audio, voice notes, or something else. Users can not share there more than 30 files at the same time. Also, longer-size files are prohibited and compressed while transferring.  In the ob6whatsapp app, users can share larger files with a single tap. Even their media won’t be compressed and lose quality while sharing. In addition, there is no limit to selecting and sharing files at the same time. You can select and share as many as files you want.

Improved Security

It has enhanced security features as compared to other messaging apps such as official Whatsapp. There are more options available to secure your chats and communications. In addition, you can also set the fingerprint or face recognition security to unlock your app. There is also an option of dual security or 2 step authentication for unlocking the OB6WA Whatsapp.


Original Whastapp does not let you use two or more accounts at the same time. So, users have to use multiple applications to use more accounts. While on the other hand, OB6 comes with the multi-accounts feature. Here, you can use two or more accounts at the same time within a single application. This feature makes OB6 unique from other communication and messaging apps.

Elegant User-Interface

Without a doubt, OB6 has the most elegant and good-looking user interface. Besides this, the color scheme and fonts are also eye-catching. Ob6 has made the user interface so easy. All the menus and other functionalities are easy to access. Even a kid can operate the app.

Enhanced Privacy

Although, privacy features are almost same in the both applications Original Whatsapp & OB6 Whatsapp. But in OB6Whatsapp, the security feature is enhanced. User communications and media sharing are more secure here. Additionally, communications OB6 are end-to-end encrypted, It means that no middleman or unauthorized person can not read, modify or extract any communication.  Feel free while using the app.

Join Community

There is no such joining the community option for the official WhatsApp. But OB6 App lets you join its community. There are more than 2 million+ users in its community. There you can share your problems and get an expert’s opinion as well. Also, you can communicate with people around the world.

Status Saver & Downloader

In earlier days, you have to download and install any external video/status downloader app to save any video from the status story. But now, in the OB6 app, you don’t have to download any separate application to save someone’s status.

  1. Simply open any status you want to save or download.
  2. Click on three dots.
  3. Click on the save button.

OB6Whatsapp Auto-Updater

This is an auto-update-enabled application. It means if you have allowed the app to update to the latest version automatically, it will start updating the app while the new update rolls out.


Using OB6 won’t ban you from the official WhatsApp app. You can use this app without being worried about getting banned from your existing Whatsapp.

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Benefits of Using OB6WA

  1. No device root reduired.
  2. Free to use.
  3. Unlimited everything.
  4. Unlimited themes.
  5. Bugs fixes.
  6. More security.
  7. Dark mode.

How To Download & Install Free OB6 (Omar) Whastapp Latest/New Version?

Here is the simple step-by-step guide mentioned below to download OB6 updated version. Have a look at that:

Note: Before downloading this app, make sure that you have enabled the installation of third-party apps from your device settings. Goto setting > apps > unknown sources > enable/activate.

  1. Click on the “Download” button. Your desired app will start downloading.
  2. From your device’s download folder, look for the OB6 apk file.
  3. Click on the file and start the installation.
  4. Once the installation is complete, open the OB6WA.
  5. Enter your phone number to get register.
  6. You will receive a PIN/OTP code on your phone number. Enter that OTP to get verified.
  7. Congratulations! You’re done


What is OB6?

OB6 is the latest modified version of the instant messaging app “Whatsapp”. It comes with more benefits and features. Now you can schedule your messages, anti-revoke, hide last seen, recover deleted messages, and so on with OB Omar’s 6th version.

How to download OB6Whatsapp?

It is so easy and simple and easy to download and install OB6WA app.

  1. Simply, click on the download button.
  2. Start the installation process.
  3. Get register.

Start enjoying OB6+ app.

Is it free to download?

Yes, OB6 WA is 100% free to download and use. Neither do you have to pay for it nor do you have to upgrade to its pro version.

Is it safe to use the OB6 app?

Of course, all of your chats, media, or communications are safe while using OB6Whatsapp. Feel free to use the app.


In today’s modern world, the OB6Whastapp app comes as a game changer. For better connectivity and communications, This app has introduced multiple features. Ob6’s features include enhanced security, improved user experience, unlimited media sharing,  personalization and customizations, better performance, etc. has made this app more useable and popular. In addition, download and install this app for a better experience. But still, if you have any queries or suggestions regarding improvement, please let us know through the comment section given below. thank you!

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