OB4 Whatsapp APK 2023 Download Official Version (Latest)

For instant messaging, Whatsapp is the world’s top leading online communication platform. Also, it has become an essential part of life and daily routine because of its elegant user interface and best user experience. In addition, there are also some modded apps available with more customization options and better functionalities. OB4 Whatsapp Apk app is one of them. It offers extensive features and customizations to the user. In this article, we will take a look at OB4Whatsapp and its unique features.

What is OB4 Whatsapp APK?

Omer OB4 app is a modified version of the official Whatsapp app. It offers an extensive range of amazing features for free that are not available in the original Whatsapp application. This app is designed by third-party app developers. In addition, it is totally free with unlocked features including customizations, privacy features, more security, and many more. Download now and enjoy these premium features.


App Name OB4 Whatsapp Apk
Version v46
Size 88 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.4
Rating Count 10081
Price Free
Last Updated 2 Days Ago

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OB4 Whatsapp Latest Version

Features Of OB4 Whatsapp App For Android

There are new amazing features of the OB4 Whats App updated version mentioned below. Have a look:

Custom Themes

To personalize your communication experience, OB4 allows you to customize your user interface according to your mood or choice. You can change background images, fonts, color schemes, blue ticks to any other color, chat bubbles, and so on.  In addition, you can really make your interface more elegant and stylish.

Auto-Reply Option

In this busy routine, no one has the time to read messages and replies individually. The person having a tough and busy routine can now reply to anyone with an autogenerated message reply. For example, if you are in a meeting or driving, you can select and turn on the auto-reply option. The automated system replies automatically to whoever sends you a message. You just have to set a custom/general message.

Message Scheduling

Scheduling a message is another best feature of this application. Let’s suppose, if you are traveling and your meeting is arriving soon, you can schedule a message. Simply compose a message, set the time, and select the contacts you want to send the message at a specific time. Except this, the Scheduling feature can be utilized when you can’t remember the dates. Compose a message in advance, and set the contact and exact time for birthday wishes, reminders, or professional meetings.

More Chat Options

To enhance your texting experience better, OB4 has introduced more options in chat settings. From chat options, you can pin 3 (three) chats, revoke or edit sent messages, delete messages after a particular time duration, and read/recover deleted messages

Security & Privacy

In the digital era, user privacy is still a hectic part. Especially when you are interacting with someone through online social media apps. OB4 took this part very seriously. Also, it allows its users to change or customize their security settings according to his/her choice. This feature makes users more comfortable with it. Furthermore, with its advanced security options, you can change blue ticks, hide/unhide status stories, hide online visibility, and type indicators as well. Not only this but also you can add some more security to your app to make it secure from unauthorized persons. Yes! You can add a fingerprint/biometric unlock, face detection unlocking, PIN, or password as well.

File Sharing

Although, there are many restrictions for users on the official version of WhatsApp. One of the most limitations is file sharing. It means you can only share a limited size of a file. While on the other hand, the OB4 app has no such limitations. Now you can share any size of image, video, document (pdf/CSV), etc. without any limitation. No matter what the file size is, you can still share it with your contacts without any fear.

Anti-Ban Feature

While using modified apps, There may be risks of being banned.  But OB4 WA has developed an anti-ban feature. There are no risks of getting banned from the official Whatsapp app while using the app. Also, You can use this app along with other WhatsApp app (Official).

Ads-Free App

Without a doubt, OB4 is an ad-free app. There will be no disturbing ads while using the app. Make your communications more smooth.

What’s New

  1. Elegant User-Interface
  2. Secure communications (end-to-end encryptions)
  3. Bug fixes
  4. Auto-updatable
  5. 100% free
  6. No sign-up required
  7. No subscription is needed.

& many more…

How To Download & Install OB4 WhatsApp Apk Latest/Updated version Free?

Although, It is free to use this app. There is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install OB4Whastapp on your Android device. Have a look below:

  1. Scroll up and click on the download button (Soon, the app will be started downloading on your device).
  2. Go to the downloaded apps folder from your device’s folder.
  3. Click on the OB+4 Whatsapp to install.
  4. Now tap on the installed app icon and put in your details and verify your authenticity/number by entering the PIN.
  5. Congratulations! Your app has been installed
  6. Enjoy amazing features.

Note: Before installation, Go to device settings > apps > unknown apps > allow/enable third-party installation.


What is OB4 Whatsapp?

Ob4 is a modified version of the official Whatsapp app developed by third-party developers. It has amazing premium unlocked features. You can change the app according to your preferences to improve your communication with your loved ones.

is it free to download?

Yes. There are no charges to download, install, and use the OB4Whastapp app.

Is it safe to use OB4 WA?

Yes, using OB4 is safe and secure. Unlike WhatsApp’s official version, it also has end-to-end encryption that makes your communications more safe and secure.

Do I have to root my device before installing Whatsapp OB4?

No, You don’t have to root your device to install this app.


To improve your messaging experience, Whatsapp OB4+ offers a wide range of cool features. No matter you are looking for a messaging app for individual purposes or business purposes, it will fulfill all of your requirements. OB4 has taken the messaging and communications experience to a whole new level just because of its theme customization, auto-reply option, message scheduling, and improved privacy features. Try this app at least once and let us know about your experience with the app.

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