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NA2 Whatsapp Apk 2023 Latest Version Download

If you have searched the Internet for this application but have not located the most recent version, you can download NA2 Whatsapp Apk from our site GB Waly. We will allocate the updated version. Here, you can download it. If you have the previous version, you can update it by replacing it with the new version below.

What is NA2 Whatsapp Apk 2022?

Na2 app is a modified version of the official WhatsApp application. Nasser Al-Jaidi has created eight distinct versions of WhatsApp, one of which can serve as a replacement for the official app and the rest of which can be used in conjunction with it.

Overview of NA2 WhatsApp Apk

App Name NA2 Whatsapp
Version v12.30
Size 42 MB
Downloads 109K+
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.6
Rating Count 44587
Price Free
Last Updated 37 Hours Ago

Picture of NA2 Whatsapp Apk

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Features of NA2 Whatsapp For Android iOS

Basically, you have the same interface as an iPhone app, but instead of the bottom bar you have the following:


When you download this mod for WhatsApp, you will receive an anti-ban feature, which will prevent your account from being banned. If you use this Whatsapp mod, you won’t have to worry about getting banned, whether temporarily or permanently. Using this modified version of WhatsApp is in no way dangerous.

Status Downloader

You also get a status downloader with this Whatsapp modified APK, which enables you to download Whatsapp statuses into your phone’s gallery with just the click of a button. Using an app developed by a third party to download Whatsapp statuses is no longer necessary.

NA2 Whatsapp Fingerprint Lock

You can also use your fingerprint to unlock your NA2 WhatsApp. In this manner, WhatsApp will only be accessible to users whose fingers have been previously registered on their respective phones. To enable the fingerprint lock, navigate to settings >> Accounts >> Privacy and scroll down until you see it. You are required to be aware, before using the fingerprint unlock, that if the fingerprint authentication is unsuccessful, there is no other way to unlock the device using a pattern.

NA+2 Anti-revoke Feature 

The anti-revoke message status can also be accessed through this mod, just like it can be through other mods. This allows you to read messages that have been deleted from WhatsApp for everyone. Thanks to this incredible new feature, you can now read all of the messages your friends and family have erased from their inboxes. You can not only read the messages that have been deleted, but you can also respond to them if you select them.

Anti-status deleting

This Na2 Whatsapp, which has a feature that prevents the deletion of status updates, also allows you to view deleted status updates posted by your Whatsapp contacts. With this feature, you can also respond to people’s status updates.

Self-Destructive Messages

When using other apps, it is incredibly annoying and distracting to see notifications from WhatsApp pop up on the screen. With this mod, you can use other applications without your friends’ messages interrupting them.

Hide Last Seen in NA2 Whatsapp

This Whatsapp mod enables you to hide your last seen and also allows you to freeze it. You can now freeze your last seen by going into the settings of Whatsapp and turning on the feature that allows you to freeze you’re last seen. If you enable this feature, you can give the impression that you are offline even when you are connected to the internet. When you’re not connected to the internet, nobody can find you.

More Emoji reactions

At the moment, the Emoji reactions are restricted to a total of just six emojis, which are as follows: a thumbs up, a red heart, a face with tears of joy, a face with their mouths closed, a face with their eyes closed, and a face with their hands folded. Ten different emoji reactions are available for use in the Na2 app; feel free to take advantage of them and have fun.

Customized Colors in NA2Whatsapp

This mode enables you to alter the program’s colors to a wide range of hues all at once according to your preferences, which is one of its many valuable features. You can also change the windows’ colors, backgrounds, and fonts.

Two-digit Operation

Two separate instances of WhatsApp may be operated on the same mobile device using just two digits.

NA2 WA Plus Attachments

The developers of NA2 have introduced additional capabilities that make it possible to transmit Attachments while you are having discussions. You can submit more than 90 photographs at once instead of just 30 images before. You can send a video clip that is either 15 or 30 megabytes in size.

More participants in voice calls

The maximum number of participants in a group voice call on NA2WhatsApp has been increased to 32. At this time, an original group call can only accommodate a maximum of 8 participants at a time. This brings the platform for instant messaging closer to other chat apps like Telegram, which does not place a cap on the number of people who can participate in a group voice chat.

Blue Ticks

Another privacy feature is blue ticks after replies. If you want to hide your blue ticks, you can enable blue ticks after the reply feature. You can now read messages without seeing blue ticks on Whatsapp. The blue ticks will appear after you reply to a message. There is a great privacy feature here, and anyone who uses it can be ignored.

Chats hidden/locked

You can lock and hide chats with the help of this feature. Whatsapp has a feature that allows you to lock conversations. This feature can create a custom pin or pattern for locking a specific chat. Nobody can access that chat unless they have the custom pin or pattern to unlock it.

NA2 Whatsapp MOD Personalization

Using this mod apk, you can modify the user interface to suit your needs. This particular version of WhatsApp now supports a wide variety of features, such as individualized logos, themes, fonts, styles, and gifs. Using its built-in theme library, you can download a theme for this app. You can change the look of the Whatsapp interface by downloading a new theme. You can customize the look of your Whatsapp account by downloading one of the more than fifty different Whatsapp logos and then applying it.

Message Scheduler

By selecting a time and date for your friends, you can send them a message via a scheduler.

NA2 Multiple Languages

Choose from Hindi, English, Spanish, Urdu, Portuguese, and Italian as your languages.

Hide Receipt

By avoiding the placement of a second blue mark next to the message, you can read all of the messages that have been sent to you without the sender being aware that you are doing so.

Written & Registered

The application is distinguished by concealing the sentence that is being written and recording it. In contrast, it is being written, enabling users to write without knowing the address.

Share Location with NA2 Whatsapp 

If you’re in danger and don’t know where you are to alert a friend, this mod has a share location feature. You can use this feature to let your friends know where you are and ask for their assistance.

Hide NAWhatsapp+2 View Status

You should enable this feature if you want to see the status of someone in your contact list without informing them. You can easily see the status of anyone on your contacts by enabling this feature, but they will be unaware that you have seen their status.

Emojis & Stickers in Latest Version

You can easily express yourself in your chat using various emojis and stickers. This feature is a godsend for those unable to express themselves in chat. You have an unlimited number of emojis and stickers in each category.

NA2 Dual Accounts Whatsapp

On a single phone, you can use both NA2 Whatsapp and the original WhatsApp. If you have two phone numbers and want to use WhatsApp on both, follow the steps outlined above.

Backup & Restore Update 12.5

You can relax if you are concerned about your data while using NA2 update on another phone but still want to use it. You can save a copy of your data on a backup device and then use that backup file to restore your data on another device using the same account. Your data will be kept safe if you follow these steps.

Pros & Cons of NA2 Whatsapp App Latest Version

Some Pros and cons of this Whatsapp are as given below, have a look at that:


  • In this mod, you can add many participants to make voice and video calls in the group.
  • This mod has so many new and amazing features that are not available in the original WhatsApp.
  • You can customize your app with a lot of new options.


  • This type of third-party app is not very dependable; it may collect personal information from users and is not very secure.
  • There is no risk of such apps being blocked.

What’s New in NA2 Whatsapp Apk/iOS/PC?

  • Stickers in images are enabled
  • You can hide chat in this Apk MOD
  • You can enable password
  • You can upload 80 pictures

How To Download & Install NA2 Whatsapp v11.25 Update

Are you interested in getting the most recent version of this Whatsapp? This is a step-by-step guide to getting the latest version of this app on your Android device.

Just follow the steps given below.

  • Click on the download button given and wait for it.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and the download will begin shortly.
  • It will ask for the path to save the file.
  • Now, save the path to download the apk file.
  • The download will be complete in a few minutes.
  • That’s all you have to do to download Whatsapp mod


Is Na2 Whatsapp App available on Android for free?
Yes! It is available for free on Android. We offers all of its apps for free to its users, and you can easily download them.
Is this app up to date?
Yes, we provide best latest apps immediately. These apps are secured and tested by our top best developers and quality assurance team members before upload.
Is this Whatsapp APK file free from security risks?
Every security risk has been addressed. Furthermore, there are no bugs or glitches in this app. We offer a safe and secure app that will not harm your device and run without a hitch.
Is this WhatsApp available on pc?
No, currently this Whatsapp is only for android users.
What about the advertisements?
This whatsapp is free of annoying advertisements.


This is the most recent version of Na2 Whatsapp APK, the best in its class. You can easily use this app on your device without worrying about being interrupted by your friends. It is an entirely safe app for Android devices that have been thoroughly tested, so don’t worry. This app is free to download, play, and share with friends and family.

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