NA Whatsapp Apk Official 2022 – Download For Android

One of the most well-known modified WhatsApp versions is NA WhatsApp. WhatsApp is popular texting and calling app, but many of its features are inconvenient. Many modified WhatsApp versions are now being used to customize privacy settings. This version of WhatsApp includes some new and customizable settings. The user interface differs significantly from that of the original WhatsApp. Make sure to read the article below to learn more about WhatsApp.

What is NA WhatsApp APK 2022

NAWhatsapp has some new features that give users more control over their chats. The app is well-known for its functions. In addition to the original WhatsApp, there are seven versions of this app that allow users to use seven different numbers at the same time.

Overview of NA WhatsApp Apk

App Name NA WhatsApp Apk
Version  v12.5
Size 51 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.6
Rating Count 1873
Price Free
Last Updated Today

Features of Na Whatsapp APK For Android

Some latest cool and amazing features of Na WhatsApp 2022 Apk app are listed down. Have a look below

DND Mode

You can use the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature to turn off the internet for WhatsApp. Until you disable this feature, you will not be able to receive or send messages.

NA Whatsapp Apk Dark Mode

There is also a Dark Mode option in this app. WhatsApp Pro’s entire theme is dark and white in this feature.

Larger group size 

WhatsApp is expanding its group limit to 512 people, up from 256. Users and administrators who want to add more people to group chat discussions will be relieved by the increase in the limit.

Polls in Na Whatsapp iOS & PC

On WhatsApp, users will be able to create polls. Users can create group polls with up to twelve different options.

More Time To Delete Messages

WhatsApp currently allows you to delete the sent messages within the time limit of one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds. But, in NA WhatsApp this limit is increased up to 2 days and 12 hours.

Self-Destructive Messages

After recipients have read the text messages you sent, this feature deletes them.

Emojis in NAWhatsapp Download

With the NA Whatsapp app for Android or iOS, you can make your conversations more entertaining and funny by using premium emojis. This app is available for free.

Theme Store

There are over 700 different themes to choose from. You are free to choose any theme you want. There is no need to install any additional themes.

DIY Theme in NA Whatsapp

This feature allows you to personalize the theme of your choice. You can change the background color, contact icon, text, slider, numeric text, and layout, among other things.

Message Scheduler

This third-party application’s Message Scheduler is also a popular feature. The message calendar assists you in sending the message on time, which could be a birthday greeting, for example.

Easy and secure connection, instant 

Your phone number is all required; there is no need for a username or password. On WhatsApp, you will immediately be able to see all of your contacts and begin sending messages.

High-quality voice and video calls

You may make private voice and video conversations with up to 8 persons free of charge*. Even on sluggish connections, your calls will function on any mobile device accessing the Internet service provided by your phone.

Group Chat to keep you in touch

Maintain contact with your loved ones, including your friends and family. Messages, photographs, videos, and documents may be sent across mobile devices and desktop computers using end-to-end encrypted group chat.

Stay connected in real-time

You may instantly connect with someone by recording a voice message or sharing your location in an individual or group chat in NA WA. You can also stop revealing your location at any moment.

Share daily moments via Status.

You can share text, pictures, video, and GIF updates using Status, all of which will vanish after one day. You have the option of sharing the status postings with all of your contacts or with just specific individuals.

NAWA Anti-Ban

The developer must not be concerned about being banned from this application since the developer complies with all legal laws. Whatsapp in the United States is an anti-ban application.

App Lock

With NAWhatsapp, you may lock your WhatsApp account to secure your data. A pattern, PIN, or even a fingerprint may be used. By hitting the top of the WhatsApp apk, you can pick how to lock your Whatsapp.

NAWA App Backup 

You may backup and restore your important WhatsApp messages using Whatsapp apk. This function is available in NA Whatsapp, unlike several customized versions of Whatsapp. Without depending on Google Drive, the developer discovered a means to backup data. It enables you to back up data on your smartphone directly.

Chats can be hidden/locked.

You can lock and hide chats with the help of this feature. WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to lock conversations. This feature can create a custom pin or pattern for locking a specific chat. Nobody can access that chat unless they have the custom pin or pattern to unlock it.

NA Whatsapp Personalization

NAWhastapp mod also allows you to customize the interface. Custom logos, themes, fonts, styles, and gifs are among the new features available in this Whastapp. You can download a theme from this app’s theme library. Download a theme to change WhatsApp’s interface. You can apply the Whastapp logos to your Whastapp and change their style because they come in over 50 different styles.

NAWhatsapp Restore Update

With the Whatsapp apk you can easily backup and restore your important WhatsApp messages. This feature is not available in many modified versions of Whatsapp, but NA WhatsApp has this feature. The developer of the app found a way to backup data without the need for Google Drive. With this app, you can backup saved on your phone itself. 

Message Against Revocation

The anti-revoke message status is present in this WhatsApp mod, as in other mods. It helps get access to deleted Whatsapp messages for everyone. Thanks to this fantastic feature, you can now see all of your friends and family’s deleted communications. You can not only read but also reply to those deleted messages by selecting them.

Delete Anti-Status

This Whatsapp also includes an anti-status-deletion feature that allows you to see your Whatsapp friends’ deleted statuses. You can also respond to certain statuses with the help of this tool.

Blue Ticks After Response

Another privacy-related feature is the blue ticks that appear after a response. After using the reply feature, you can choose whether to hide or activate your blue ticks. You can read Whatsapp messages without seeing blue ticks if you use this feature. Only after you’ve responded to the chat will the blue ticks appear. It’s an excellent privacy tool that lets you ignore anyone.

Hidden or Locked Chat in NA Whatsapp

You can now lock and hide your chats with the help of this feature. This version of Whatsapp includes a feature that allows you to mute a conversation. This feature can create a custom pin or pattern for locking a specific chat. That chat is only accessible to those with the unique pin or pattern to open it.

Available Versions of NA Whatsapp Apk

 Blue NAWhatsapp 

Blue NAWhatsapp is an alternative but old 2021 version of the app. To install this version you have to uninstall any installed version of whatsapp.

 Green NAWhatsapp+2 

NA Green version is the second most downloaded version. The plus point of this version is that you can use this with official whatsapp at same time.

 Red NAWhatsapp+3 

This is the 3rd version which was released in the last month of 2021. You can also download it’s latest version and merge it with original release.

 Pink NAWhatsapp+4 

This version can keep four different version at same time without any interruption.

 Golden NAWhatsapp+5 

It can runs multiple five versions next to official whatsapp on the spot.

 Queen NAWhatsapp+6 

This 6th version is the latest release of 2022 which can run all 6 versions including old.

 Black NAWhatsapp+7 

This version is the newest version. It has many latest and updated bugs free features for the free.

Pros & Cons of NA Whatsapp App Latest Version

Some Pros and cons of NaWhatsapp are as given below, have a look at that:


  • It is a safe and secure application.
  • The app is simple to set up and use.
  • There are no third-party advertisements available.
  • This APK is completely free to download and use.


  • They will not automatically update.
  • Google does not always verify them.
  • There is little innovation in the design
  • It is not suitable for slow internet

What’s New in NA Whatsapp Apk/iOS/PC?

  • NAWhatsApp does not block users.
  • In WhatsApp groups, names can be colored.
  • It fixes an issue where names weren’t showing in groups.
  • Scheduled messages were fixed.
  • Older versions of Android are supported.

How to Download & Install NA WhatsApp Pro?

  • Once the APK file has been downloaded, tap on it to begin the installation process.
  • To enable your device to allow installation from unknown sources, go to “Settings,” then “Security,” and finally “Unknown Sources.” This will enable the installation of third-party software on your device.
  • Open “File Manager” now. Go to the “Download folder” and click on it. Select the WhatsApp Pro APK file and tap it. Select “Install” from the “Next” menu.
  • It will prompt you for a verification code once the installation is complete. After filling out the form and verifying it, an OTP SMS will be sent to the user. After the verification process is completed, the app’s features can be used. On your home screen, you will notice an icon.


Is it safe to use NA Whatsapp Apk?
Yes, it is safe to use this Whatsapp. It does not contain any virus or malicious code. All your chats and data are secure and safe on WhatsApp. You do not need to worry about anything while using this WhatsApp.

Can I use four different versions of WhatsApp on one device?
No, you can only use one version on one device simultaneously.

Is the app available for iOS?
The app is not available for iPhones or iPads. The app is currently only available for Android users.


NA Whatsapp is a modded version of official Whatsapp that has many more features than official Whatsapp. It is based on WhatsApp Plus and was created by Nasser Al-Jaidi. There are many versions of this Whatsapp mod, but we’ve covered the seven most popular ones, such as blue, black, and golden. Each version has its own set of features and styles. This is where you can get the most recent version of the Whatsapp mod apk.

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