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KM Whatsapp Apk is a WhatsApp messenger that has been modified. So far, new messaging apps appear to be growing faster than Telegram or Line. As a result, MOD apps are gaining popularity daily. MOD apps are developer-created versions of the official app that can be customized. The developers were undoubtedly compelled to create these versions in response to the growing demand. However, there are numerous variations. Choosing any option is a personal decision.

What is KM Whatsapp APK 2023?

Kmwhatsapp is one of the most recent and popular WhatsApp customizations. People are most interested in two features of the Kmwhatsapp model. You can get rid of boring conversations and focus on what’s going on around you by using this modded app. Round Effects and Hide Last Seen Feature are the two options.

KM WhatsApp v9.25 is the most convenient way to communicate with your friends. It adds new features and settings to provide the most comprehensive interface possible to its users. It has also improved your privacy management. Several other intriguing features, such as anti-ban and access to deleted conversations, contribute to becoming the most popular talking program.

Overview of KM Whatsapp Apk

App Name KM WhatsApp Apk
Version V8.87
Size 44 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Requirement Android 4.1 or Above
Rating Value 4.4
Rating Count 1009
Price Free
Last Update Yesterday

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Features of KM Whatsapp App For Android iOS

KM WhatsApp APK is a somewhat different MOD from others. The features provided by this MOD are unique. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Anti-Ban Feature

This App has amazing free features that prevent it from being banned compared to other MODs and APK files. This feature shields your WhatsApp account from being banned in any way. The ban was most likely imposed because the developers in question could not be trusted.

The APK files developed by these unknown developers are not safe to use and may also cause a loss of data. Therefore, users who register for these WhatsApp MODs are banned by the official WhatsApp service.

Hide Online Status

Some users wish to conceal their current online status. Unfortunately, the official WhatsApp client does not support this feature. However, this app gives you the option to conceal your online status. To do this, go to the privacy settings menu on WhatsApp.

To enable the “Last Seen Freeze” option, activate it. It has been decided to remove the online status. In addition to this, WhatsApp “last seen” will no longer be displayed.

KM Whatsapp Home interface

As can be seen, the app’s user interface has a distinct design that has an iPhone-like appearance. There are several icons on the primary screen that you can use to perform various functions, such as activating the night mode or connecting to the internet. You can download RA WhatsApp if you want WhatsApp with an iPhone theme. 

View Deleted Chats and Status

 The ability to view deleted chats is the most exciting feature of KM WhatsApp. Unlike official WhatsApp, you can see any message from your friends, including photos and videos. Go to the WhatsApp privacy menu to enable this feature. Check the “Anti-Delete Message” box there. You can also see deleted Status in addition to deleted chats.

This MOD will allow you to see if anyone in your contacts has deleted their Status. To do so, go to the privacy menu and select “Anti-Wipe Status.” Additionally, select “Hide Appearance Status” to remove your name from the list of people who have viewed the Status. When you check their Status, no one will be notified.

Show Mods

You can choose what you want to see on the main interface with KMWhatsApp, so if you want something to appear, click on the marked box.

Hide Typing Status

It’s also possible to hide the typing status with KM 2021’s release. This way, the person you’re chatting with isn’t aware that you’re typing a response. The message will be delivered directly to the recipient. It is, however, simple. Select “Contact” from this application’s Privacy menu. Select “Hide Typing” from the drop-down menu.

KM Whatsapp v8.51 Pin Messages

You can see from the photo that you can pin more than three messages, unlike the official WhatsApp.

Lock Chat

This amazing WhatsApp MOD also has a chat lock feature. The user can use this to lock any secret or personal chat. You can also choose from various lock types, such as passcode, pattern, or fingerprint.

Select the chat you’d like to lock. Tap the dot option in the upper right corner and select “Key to Conversation.” After that, select the password type and type it in. The conversation will be closed.

Whatsapp KM See All Messages

Click on a member’s name in any group to see all messages sent by that member.

Download KM WA Themes

This WhatsApp has an excellent design and exciting themes. However, if the user is still unhappy, change it. It allows you to change the WhatsApp wallpaper and switch between different themes, unlike other MODs. You can also download themes that KM WhatsApp doesn’t own.

KM WhatsApp for PC has a large number of themes available online. Go to “Settings” to change the theme. Select the “Theme” menu from the front page. If the theme you want isn’t there, download it from the “Download Theme” menu and click “Install.” Click “Ok” in the dialogue box that appears.

KMWhatsapp BOOM Text Feature

 It’s yet another exciting feature of the KM WhatsApp app. You can use this feature to send messages with the same content repeatedly. In more detail, if a user wants to send a message repeatedly and impatiently, he will only have to type it once but will be able to send it as many times as he wants.

You must click a bomb icon in the chat to use this feature. Type your message and select the number of times you want it to be sent. Then press the “Send” button.

Changing Running Text

A running text can be found on the very first page of KM WhatsApp. It also distinguishes it. As a result, if the user dislikes the text, he can change it. The advantage of this MOD is that it allows you to customize multiple displays easily.

The walking text on the front page can be changed by going to the “Settings” menu. Tap the “Change Running Text” option in that section. Then, under “Fill in the Running Text,” select “Fill in the Running Text.” You can now type the sentence or word in the running text. Finally, click “Okay.”

Sending Large Content Files

One Of WhatsApp’s most significant limitations is the file size limit. You can’t send a photo, movie, or song to your loved one because of WhatsApp’s file size. The limit is 16MB. KM is on your side. In the latest version of the WhatsApp mod, This restriction has been removed.

Sending Without Compression

A well-known disadvantage of WhatsApp is the document compression that occurs when a file is sent. The quality of video and image files is noticeably reduced. However, the new free download version of this mod APK removes the compression, ensuring that your content is of the highest quality. 

Translate Messages

It’s one of the trending KM’s valuable features. The messages can be easily translated from one language to another without any complicated procedures. This is the most popular feature, and users give the developers high marks.

Seen Removed Status 

This application offers a unique feature to the user, but it is critical because it displays the Status of items that have been removed or deleted. Users should follow these steps to see these statuses. To see the removed Status, the user must enable the Anti-Wipe option.

KM Whatsapp MOD – Auto-reply

The KMWhatsApp MOD APK has been updated to allow users to select the auto-reply option. The application will send an auto-reply to anyone who sends you a message using this feature. This function sends those words as an auto-reply, which the user can choose.

Enhance the Security of The Chat

Use a password to keep your messages private while on the phone. Use this tool to block individual messages or all of your chat threads and secure them with a passcode to keep all of your conversations private.

Story Saver  

This feature is available in all WhatsApp APKs, but an updated option in the KMWA APK application is available. It allows users to download the story and share it with others without downloading it first. Users will also be able to copy the status caption with KM WhatsApp.

Media Sharing

Users of KMWhatsApp can share a variety of data with their contacts worldwide.

What’s New in KM Whatsapp?

KM WhatsApp gets updated to provide the best of its features. Here are some new features that are available with the KM WhatsApp install.

  • An increased file transfer option
  • Preview media without downloading
  • Disable answer option
  • Safe to use
  • Backup your WhatsApp data 
  • New unlimited themes and stickers are available
  • Interface customization
  • Broader options to share any file without restrictions

KM Whatsapp MOD APK Features

  • No adds
  • Free to download
  • Free to use
  • No additional charges

How To Download & Installation of KMWhatsapp Apk Latest Version?

  • First, uninstall the previous version of the application (WhatsApp).
  • Go to the download now and click on start download.
  • After this, go to your phone setting and turn on “unknown sources.”
  • • Locate your downloaded APK file in the download/file manager.
  • • When you click the install button, the installation process will begin.
  • Congratulations, your app has been installed.
  • Enjoy amazing features


In the KM Whatsapp Apk Android app, how can I access the ‘last seen’ feature?

Even the KM is powerless to assist in the event that a user has elected to keep their last seen status private from the rest of the world. On the other hand, you can hide your status, blue tick, last seen, and other information while still being able to view the status of others (provided that their status is not hidden). Within the KMWA APK, you have the option to enable a feature that will alert you whenever another participant joins the ongoing discussion. Consequently, you will receive a notification any time the individual whose online activity you wish to monitor logs on.

Is there a way to keep my app last seen?

Hide online status in KMWhatsapp group the privacy settings of WhatsApp; however, you must ensure that the “last seen” status update on the app’s main settings screen is viewable by all Users.

Is KMWhatsApp Latest Version Apk safe to use?

KM Using WhatsApp is entirely risk-free. This app is the best option because it has features that allow users to restrict invasive advertisements and protect their privacy.


Without a doubt, this app is fantastic, and it has a lot of cool features. You can use the original app in addition to WhatsApp KM on the same device at the same time. It is an app for people who are sick of using the same app repeatedly, and it allows them to make unlimited customizations. I have faith that it will be of some use. 

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