KL Whatsapp 2022 Download Anti-Ban Version (Official)

One of the most popular social media apps worldwide is WhatsApp. It is used for sending media files, including videos, images, PDFs, and other files, in addition to messages. Being a very well-known app, Whatsapp also has a lot of mods. GB Whatsapp is the most well-liked Whatsapp mod. Other mods are also accessible, including KL WhatsApp and Whatsapp Plus. In this section, we’ll talk about KL WhatsApp, which is based on GBWhatsapp. You get more features in this Whatsapp mod than in GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. It is well-known for its versatility and extensive feature set. You can get the most recent version of KL Whatsapp 2021 from this page by clicking the download button below.

What is KL Whatsapp Apk 2022?

KLWhatsapp is a customized version of WhatsApp that Karam Lord and his team have created. All the necessary mods typically found in WhatsApp Mod Applications are present in the app. Some fundamental adjustments include File Sharing Mods, WhatsApp Lock, Privacy Mods, and Theme Customization. However, the essential function—switching between two WhatsApp accounts while using a single application—is still not available.

Overview of KL Whatsapp Mod apk

App Name  KL WhatsApp Apk
Version V6.70
Size 34 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Requirement Android 4.3 or Above
Rating Value 4.6
Rating Count 3523
Price Free
Last Update 3 days Ago

Features of KL Whatsapp

KL Whatsapp MOD app has more features than Whatsapp Plus, GBWhatsapp, and RB Whatsapp. This app has more latest, fantastic and amazing features than any other MOD. The main characteristics of this Whatsapp mod apk are listed below, have a look

Anti Ban

This Whatsapp mod has an anti-ban feature that guards against account bans. You won’t ever experience a banned issue using this Whatsapp. This feature offers you additional protection compared to other Whatsapp mods. Thanks to the anti-ban feature, Whatsapp will no longer ban your account.

Anti Revoke Message:

This WhatsApp now has a feature for anti-revoke messages. With this Whatsapp mod apk, you can now read all messages that have been deleted for everyone. Your friends and family will be impressed by you if you choose to reply to those deleted messages.

Anti Status Delete

This Whatsapp mod apk has an anti-status delete feature that lets you see your Whatsapp friends’ previously deleted statuses. Additionally, you can later reply to those deleted statuses and wow them with it.

Lock Whatsapp Chats

Like we did in royal WhatsApp, you can lock a specific Whatsapp chat in this app version with a unique pin or pattern. After the chat has been locked, no one can read the messages or access the chat without first unlocking it.

Hide/Freeze Last Seen

You can hide and freeze your last seen on KL WhatsApp. You can freeze your last seen if you enable this feature. While online, you can display offline content. Therefore, no one can tell whether you are online or not. You gain more control over this Whatsapp mod’s privacy in this way.

Status Downloader

A status downloader is also included in this version of WhatsApp. The Whatsapp statuses can now be downloaded directly into your phone’s gallery with just one click. To download WhatsApp statuses, you don’t need a third-party app.

Blue Ticks After Reply

With this WhatsApp mod, you can now also conceal your blue ticks. You can turn on the blue ticks after the reply feature. If you enable this feature, you can read the messages without seeing blue ticks. You can only see the blue ticks if you respond to that chat.

Hide Typing and Recording Status

You can also conceal your typing and recording status in this WhatsApp mod. If you are typing or recording something, no one will be able to see it. You can immediately send it to them after typing it without displaying that status.


With this WhatsApp mod, you can add unique themes, fonts, styles, bubbles, double ticks, and much more. A unique logo can also be added to this WhatsApp. It provides you with a theme library so you can apply a theme. You can apply the theme to WhatsApp after downloading it from the library. You can add these features to your WhatsApp to make it more attractive and distinctive.

Change WhatsApp Theme

Enjoy the stunning layers, backgrounds, and overall WhatsApp theme when chatting on the app. With KL WhatsApp, we will be able to explore, download, and use all of GBWhatsApp’s themes. As a result, you may choose from over a thousand distinct themes. Your home screen, chat screen, status screen, call history screen, and settings screen will all have new backgrounds as a result of the theme. The theme color will also alter all of the layout colors.

Adjustment And Color

You may now change the color and appearance of your WhatsApp Home, Chat, and Conversation Screens. Additionally, customize WhatsApp’s widgets, pop-up notification screen, and widget colors and sizes.

Create a widget to switch between offline and online mode from your Android home screen. The size and color of the widget will both be changed entirely.

Language and Font

Change the language and font of the application without downloading any extra files. To instantly change the app’s font, choose from more than 50 built-in fonts.

WhatsApp Lock

Now, you may lock WhatsApp without using a lock programme from a third party. Create a 4-digit password for your KLWhatsApp app so that it will ask you for it each time a user opens their WhatsApp account. Instead of creating a password for everyone, create a password only for that person or organization.

Message Scheduler

Send a message to any contact or group at any time. It will be quite beneficial to wish someone a birthday or holiday at a specified moment. For the message to be sent at the appointed time, your data connection must be active.

Scheduler for messages

By sending a message, you can arrange a meeting with anyone or any group at any time. Very useful for sending wishes on special occasions like holidays or birthdays. It is advised that you have internet access to send it.

Modify your Account

KL Account Mod enables the usage of two WhatsApp accounts inside a single app. Making a backup of your accounts is the first step, and verifying both mobile numbers using an OTP is the second. The transition should then be made automatically after that. As soon as you can, move the conversation from the original account to the second account. This will be possible via the backup and restore procedure.

How to download and install kl Whatsapp

  • We recommend you start by downloading the Whatsapp apk file to your mobile device from our website.
  • The Unknown Sources box will appear after clicking on Settings>Administrator>.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp app if you already have it installed
  • In order to continue to the next step, you need to open the Download Folder in the File Manager.
  • The application is convenient, easy to install, and can be retrieved by clicking on the link provided to access the Apk File, which can be downloaded. Install the apk by clicking on the file.
  • To complete the registration process, enter your name and the OTP code
  • After installation, you can enjoy it.

Pros & Cons of KL Whatsapp App Update

Some pros & cons of the latest WhatsApp update are as given below, have a look at that:


  • Reduce Data Usage For Calls
  • No ads
  • This application is free


  • Whatsapp Calling Limitation
  • File Size limit
  • No Animated Stickers

What’s New?

  • Stickers have been enabled.
  • You can now choose to hide the heart icon from conversations.
  • A bug involving the heart icon in status replies has been fixed.


Is it safe to use KL Whatsapp?
Yes, using KL Whatsapp is completely safe and secure. It includes an anti-ban feature that guards against account bans. In this Whatsapp mod apk, all of your information and data are safe and secure.
Can we use this Whatsapp for IOS?
No. Unfortunately, there is no IOS version available of KL Whatsapp.
Can my account be banned?
No, don’t worry this WhatsApp anti-ban.


A Whatsapp mod with many additional features is called KL Whatsapp. You can download the most recent version of KL WhatsApp from this page, which offers many more features than the official Whatsapp. Although this Whatsapp mod is based on the GB version, it offers more features. There are more features in even this Whatsapp than in Whatsapp Plus. The main features of this WhatsApp have already been covered.

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