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Gb Whatsapp Gold Apk 2023 Download For Android

GB WhatsApp Gold Apk is a new customized version of WhatsApp for Android users that comes with a slew of new and intriguing features. This APK is a popular WhatsApp mod with millions of users, and it gives everyone access to a lot more features than the original app.

What is GB Gold Whatsapp APK 2022?

GB WhatsApp Gold is a newly revised form of WhatsApp Plus, HM Whatsapp Apk, and WhatsApp Gold for Android users that includes the ability to conceal the online status, blue marks, and double tick, among other features not available in the original version of WhatsApp. Many new features are available as similar to gb whatsapp download 53Mb which we will go through in this post.


App Name GB Whatsapp Gold
Version Latest
Size 37 MB
Downloads 209K+
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.3
Rating Count 14821
Price Free
Last Updated 08 Hours Ago

Picture of GB Whatsapp Gold Download

Features of GB Whatsapp Gold Apk iOS

Mainly, there are few important and most discussed features of Download Gb Whatsapp gold for android/iOS are mentioned below. You can check the latest & updated improvements and additions in the file. In short, this is recommended to download the GBWhatsapp Gold to experience.

Multiple Versions in v10.20/v13.20

You might think that you have to delete the previous or another version of the app from your device to install the GBWhatsApp GOLD.  You can download the WhatsApp on your device while another version exists. The app is developed so that it doesn’t create any errors or issues with other existing versions of the app.

Enhanced Privacy & Security

By entirely covering your online status, you may avoid disclosing yourself to your friends and coworkers. Turn off your typing/recording mode, as well as blue ticks and the second tick.

Message Scheduler

Scheduling messages is also doable in gold WhatsApp APK download. You can schedule one message as well as multiple messages to various chats. Scheduling the messages can be done up to the upcoming month. So there is a decent amount of time in which messages can be scheduled. This feature alone is quite helpful for many users out there.

Voice Changer Feature

Send voice messages in 10 different modes like lady, Android, drunk, underwater, slow motion, etc. This is a fun feature to entertain your friends and family members in a group chat.

GB Whatsapp Gold Video Profile

Set a video profile for individual contacts or everyone from a list of 10 options. Video profiles are live, which means you see the animated incoming call in the background.

NSWhatsapp 3D

Excellent & New Interface/Icons

This APK comes with an entirely new and excellent interface. It has a default golden theme that looks awesome at first glance, and most of the users love that default theme. Apart from the default theme, more than 4000+ themes are available in the app for free to use. You can also change the icon of the app itself. Go to settings and change the icon. You can use available images in the app and any personal image to customize the app even further.

Unique Wallpapers, Emoji, and New GIFs

You will see tons of unique wallpapers in this WhatsApp. You can also change the individual wallpaper, which means you can set any specific wallpaper for any specific chat, which can be applied to multiple chats. There are multiple new emojis and GIFs as well waiting for you. You can use those for absolutely free, and with time, new emojis and GIFs are getting added to the app. You can also import them if you have any available on your device. 

Multi Whatsapp Accounts

On the same smartphone, install both GB WhatsApp GOLD and Official WhatsApp side by side, or update WhatsApp gold to the latest version.

Media Sharing

Sharing the data via WhatsApp has many limitations; for example, you can share a small number of images, limited-size videos, and specific types of files. But having the golden WhatsApp, you don’t have to worry about any of those because it allows you to share hundreds of images at once, large videos up to 700 MBs, multiple different types of files, and many more. So sharing the files with WhatsApp is not an issue anymore. Download this APK today to get benefits.

Blue & Double Ticks

You already know that you’ve sent a message when someone reads, and the ticks turn blue. And when the message is sent, the only tick comes, and when it gets delivered, two ticks come together on the corner of the message. Like you can see others, others can see yours as well. So, what if you don’t want to let them see yours? The answer is to hide them.

GB Whatsapp Gold Apk

And, that is possible with the help of the GB Gold WhatsApp APK. There are options to hide the ticks in the app, turn off the coloring, change the coloring from blue to any other color on the sender’s side when you read the message, and much more helpful stuff. Give it a try, and you are going to love it.

GB Whatsapp Pin Multiple Chats

In the standard version of WhatsApp, you can pin only three chats at a time, which can be way too low for many users out there. But this is not the problem anymore because this WhatsApp has got you covered with a feature with the help you can pin around 1000+ chats at a time, and this is exclusively available in the golden WhatsApp and WhatsApp gold plus. 

Anti-Delete (Status + Messages)

Sometimes you haven’t read the message yet, and the sender deletes it from his side. There is no way to read and see that message again in the standard version of the app. In the GB WhatsApp GOLD, you can read and see those messages, images, videos, files, etc. The app has an anti-delete feature, with the help of which you can see deleted messages and statuses.

GB Whatsapp Gold Auto-Reply

Replying to your customer one by one via WhatsApp is old-school practice. Get modern with the help of this application. The app allows its users to set and create a script for an auto-reply to their customers and their queries very beautifully. There are various options available in the settings of auto-reply. Make sure to explore it as well. 

GBWA v14.37 – Long Status

The status limit is increased in this app. In this WhatsApp you can write up to 250 words of status. And comparatively, with the standard version of the app, you can write only around 50 words on your status. So the difference is enormous and valuable for the people who frequently add the text statuses.

Variety of Languages

There is an option available in the app by which you can translate messages into other languages you want or even in your local language as well. Sometimes you cannot understand the language of the text the other person sends you or some hard English word. And you want to know what that means exactly. In those scenarios, you can use this feature, and it would be pretty beneficial as well.

Whatsapp GB Gold Message Reaction

This is the newest feature introduced in the standard version of WhatsApp, but it was available in the GB gold WhatsApp APK for a long time. 

Who Saw Your Profile Picture

Usually, you can only see who saw your status in the standard and other alternative versions of WhatsApp. But in the GB WhatsApp, you can see who saw your profile picture, just like you can see who saw your status. This is the unique feature found in this app and not available in any other version, not even the standard one.

New Themes, GIFs, Wallpaper

Apart from all the above features, there are still a lot of features that can be discussed, but those all are somehow similar to the other versions of features that are already explained in other articles; you can check them out as well. Lastly, the most crucial feature is importing ability—importing the wallpapers, themes, GIFs, and other customization stuff in the app. You can use your settings and choose to customize this APK to download the latest version, 2022.

Latest Version of GBWhatsapp Gold

Summarizing GB Gold Features

In a nutshell, the features available in this APK are unique from other version features and have impressive uses. That can be discovered only by trying them, so make

10 Things To Know About Whatsapp GB Gold Latest Version

  • Disable calls
  • Call conference
  • Record Audio/Video call without any whatsapp call recorder
  • Voice changer
  • anti-ban
  • 700+ themes
  • easy-to-set-up
  • Secure whatsapp gallery locker
  • Updated WhatsApp database
  • Bugs fixes
  • No in-app ads
  • Premium feature for free
  • Easy to set-up account
  • & many more. .

How to Download & Install GB WhatsApp Gold?

  • Download GB WhatsApp APK first
  • Then go to your Phone’s Settings> Security > allow third-party apps installation or unknown tick sources
  • Now navigate to the download folder where you have the GB WhatsApp gold downloaded and then install it
  • Verify it with your number and follow the instructions
  • Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed GBWhatsApp on your phone


Can we take backup to Google Drive?
Backups to Google drive do not work in any modded WhatsApp application.
Can I use GB WA Gold in a custom ROM?
Yes, you can use it on any Android-based operating system above Android 5.0
Is it safe to download the GBWA Gold APK?
Yes, it is entirely safe to download the GB WhatsApp on your android and IOS devices.
What is GB Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Gold?
Certainly, there is not much difference between both of the apps. Both versions are MODs. The main difference is that gb goldAbu Arab version has a Golden theme in it which attract the user.


GB WhatsApp Gold makes using messaging applications very easy. With several mods and tweaks included in the build. Similar features can be found in Fouad WhatsApp, NA3 Whatsapp and OGWhatsApp these days. Always take a backup of your photos and videos when installing any modded WhatsApp application. Do let us know which version of modified WhatsApp messenger.

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