DOWA WhatsApp Apk 2022 Download v2.19.274 For Android

Users can communicate in real-time with friends and family members using various methods, all of which are made possible by the ultimate features that DOWA WhatsApp APK offers. This free app can be modified to allow you to make audio and video calls and send messages and set a variety of wallpapers. It also allows you to set different wallpapers. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to download and install the most recent version of the software.

The application will provide you with a more satisfying experience than any other choice if you want to try out the best alternative to it. If you want to try out the best alternative to it. Dodi HIDAYAT, a software developer working out of Indonesia, is the individual who is credited with developing the Dowa WhatsApp hack. You will, in all likelihood, be able to obtain all of the features that are made available by the official version of WhatsApp, in addition to a lot of other features that are not included in that version.

What is Dowa WhatsApp APK 2022?

The DOWA WhatsApp APK is a cutting-edge android application that has a simple user interface and is appropriate for use not only with high-end devices but also with devices that are available at lower price points. It emancipates you from any restrictions or limitations that are imposed by WhatsApp’s official version, thereby allowing you to do anything you want with the application. This makes it possible for you to communicate with anyone at any time.

Some of these additional features include the capability to disable WhatsApp calls, upload videos of a large size, add more people to groups (at the present time, the list is limited to 250 people per group), and obtain a variety of themes that come with interesting customization options. It is primarily due to the fact that it includes these features that millions of people adore it and have started downloading the WhatsApp APK onto their mobile devices in order to get started using it.

Moreover, to put it another way, the reason why people choose to use the Dowa WhatsApp app rather than the official WhatsApp client is that they want to take advantage of additional features that aren’t available in the latter. These features aren’t included in the official WhatsApp client.


App Name DOWA WhatsApp Apk
Version V3.0
Size 36 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.5
Rating Count 1474
Price Free
Last Updated 5 Days Ago

Features Of DOWA WhatsApp

You’ll find that many of the features are identical to those found in the official WhatsApp client. Despite this, you’ll also be able to take advantage of some interesting new features that make Dowa WhatsApp APK more lovable and the ideal replacement android application for the WhatsApp original. These features include: The following is a list that details all of the functionality, as well as some of the more important features. You have the option to download Dowa WhatsApp MOD APK on your mobile phone, which will enable you to investigate the lingering features. This will allow you to use the app. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful benefits of whatsapp which are similar in other modified whatsapp version when you download gbwhatsapp 2023.

Group Controls

The maximum number of members included in a WhatsApp group is currently 257. However, this app enables users to create significantly larger groups than this. 

Disable answer option

It gives the user the ability to send a message to which the connection can’t reply. The availability of this choice enables communication in only one direction.


You can upload videos of any length into the story using this feature. Users are no longer restricted to uploading photos and videos no longer than 30 seconds in length, as is the case with the official version.

Media Sharing

The picture and video sharing functionality of this WhatsApp Application enables users to send and receive media of any length. Compared to the default app, this one does not impose any size restrictions on the photos or videos you can share. You can simultaneously send up to one hundred pictures and videos. Also, there are no limits on sharing sounds. A shared audio file can be up to 100 megabytes in size, and a shared video file can be up to 250 megabytes in length.

Dowa Whatsapp Themes

You will have access to various themes in Dowa app, and you will be able to change them whenever you like. One click will allow you to switch between any of the multiple available themes.


You have complete control over the appearance of any background you choose. You can use any image you want as the background or use a solid color. As is the case with the themes, the background can also be changed with just the click of a button.

Dowa App Privacy

Adjust your privacy settings so that posts and your account, in general, are kept private. You can hide your story from certain accounts on your social media platform without actually blocking them if you do not want to share your posts with them.

Adjust your account privacy settings if you do not wish to display your most recent activity but do wish to show your most recent activity seen by others. You also have the option to do it manually within the settings.

Pictures Sharing

You are no longer restricted to deleting pictures after only 30 of them have been uploaded; you can now share your photos freely. One hundred still images and moving videos can coexist on your device simultaneously.


You now have access to a vast library of emojis. This app has an impressive collection of emojis that can be used on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and telegram. There is yet another way to send emojis directly to the people in your contact list.

Easy Connectivity

It is the most effective communication platform for interacting with members of your circle of friends and family and this version of WhatsApp allows you to stay connected with your loved ones regardless of the performance of WhatsApp that they are using, even if they are using an older version.

App Security Lock

Many WhatsApp users are uneasy because the official app does not provide a way to lock their accounts. Nevertheless, you can close your account, preventing anyone from accessing its contents.

Text Style

The library provides access to a wide variety of text formats and styles. In addition to regular fonts, italic fonts, and bond fonts, there are many other text styles available.

Forward Limits

There is no restriction placed on how many times messages can be forwarded. You can deliver any message that you receive an unlimited number of times.

Backup Facility

Unlike Fouad WhatsApp and NE WhatsApp, and pink WhatsApp this app enables users to create a backup of their data.

Notification Icon

This app provides access to more than 15 different notification icons. You can assign another icon to each newly received notification. When there is a notification, it is immediately apparent what the information is for just by glancing at it.

Then either check it out to see what the notification is saying or get rid of it. At the same time, the notification icons for all types of messages are consolidated into a single icon in the WhatsApp beta.

Launcher Icon

The launcher allows for selecting icons from a pool of more than 13 different options. To customize the color of the launcher icon, please choose the color that most interests you.

Additional Features

  • Multiple font styles.
  • Capability to remain online at all times.
  • A wide variety of chatting tools.
  • Multilingual app.
  • There is no restriction placed on the number of messages that can be forwarded.
  • Backup and data restoration.
  • Updated user interface.
  • More customizable levels of privacy.
  • No cost to use it.
  • Better experience.
  • In addition to a plethora of other available features.

What’s New in DowaWhatsapp For Android

  • Bug Resolved.
  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Increase in overall speed.

We have every reason to believe that you have found the location that you were looking for.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DWA


  • Visit the third party’s website and download the archive files for the majority of the different versions. You can choose to download the Application depending on how much space you have available on your mobile device.
  • Instant downloading is available; not the case with the Google Play store. No review process, no verification
  • It will store in your SD card or phone memory, allowing you to uninstall or reinstall it unlimitedly without requiring you to download it again and again.


  • Because it is an application from a third party, there is a chance that it will damage your phone. Because it is not available on the Google Play Store, Google’s automated systems cannot verify its legitimacy.
  • Since it’s not currently in the Google Play store, it won’t be updated automatically in the future. Malicious software could be in third-party APK files, which could damage your mobile app or steal sensitive information from your device. If you think you need an update, you will always have to find the most recent version by hand.

How to Download & Install DOWA WhatsApp Latest Version?

  • To begin, remove any older versions of the WhatsApp application from your device.
  • The second step is to navigate to the download now page and select the start download button.
  • After this, navigate to the settings on your phone and activate the “unknown sources” option.
  • You can find the APK file that you downloaded by going to the download manager or the file manager.
  • When you select the Install option from the drop-down menu, the installation procedure will begin.
  • Congratulations, the application has now been successfully installed.
  • At long last, you can finally take advantage of some incredible new features.
  • In the event that you have not yet downloaded this application, you should skip the first step and move on to the steps that have been listed below.


DOWA WhatsApp available on the play store?

No, because it is an app developed by a third party, you cannot find it in the Google Play store.

Is using Dowa WhatsApp APK illegal?

As I’ve already mentioned, this is not the official WhatsApp app; instead, it’s a third-party application that modifies the original. Therefore, you won’t find it in the Google Play store. Caution is advised when using this version of the APK because it could potentially cause damage to your mobile phone or the data stored on it.

Is Dowa safe to use?

The downloading of it poses no danger at all. As a result of the fact that this is a modified version of the official app, certain assumptions have been made regarding its level of safety.

Why is Android App Permission needed to download Dowa WhatsApp APK?

Applications require access to various systems on your device to function correctly. You will be informed of all the permissions needed to run an application when you install it for the first time.

Can I get its updates automatically?

No, to use the most recent version of this application, you will need to visit a third party’s website. Keep an eye on our website, because as soon as a new version of this application is made available on the internet, it will be posted there.

Do we need to root our device?

No! You don’t have to root your device at all, and you don’t have to pay anything to use the app because you can download it for free from our website.


Dowa is a version of WhatsApp that has been changed. As WhatsApp continues to grow in popularity, more and more people are downloading and using it. It is without a doubt one of the most highly regarded third-party apps. It comes with a lot of features that are designed to meet the needs of people who use the official WhatsApp. In addition to this, when contrasted with other applications such as GB WhatsApp and JT WhatsApp, it has the maximum number of features that are technically possible. After downloading the app, you will have access to all of the features that it has to offer.

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