Cyber WhatsApp APK 2023 – Download Latest (Anti-Ban) Version

Cyber WhatsApp Apk is a modified version of the widely used WhatsApp messaging app. The Cyber WhatsApp APK update adds security and features not found in the original WhatsApp app. WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used and widely used messaging apps globally. WhatsApp now has over 200 million monthly active users in countries like Italy.

Additionally, When it comes to customization, WhatsApp falls short of the competition. Users may find it challenging to change certain aspects of the app in some cases. This problem has a solution in the form of cyber WhatsApp APK MOD.

What is Cyber WhatsApp APK 2023?

The latest version of CyberWhatsApp for Android is now available for download. mhndm created the mod, which is also known as Blue WhatsApp Plus. It was created by the man himself, Fouad Mokdad, and is based on the popular Fouad WhatsApp. While the mod isn’t particularly well-known, it includes several features not found in the original version of the app.

It provides users with numerous options for customizing the app. The Application was created with security in mind. The app includes features such as the ability to show Blue Ticks after a reply and freeze Last Seen. Other features include choosing who can call you, viewing statuses without being seen, viewing statuses that contacts have deleted, and much more.

Overview of Cyber Whatsapp Apk

App Name Cyber Whatsapp Apk
Version v9.29
Size 48 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.5
Rating Count 1478
Price Free
Last Updated Today

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Features of Cyber Whatsapp Apk App

Before we look into the features, I want to tell you that the features that WhatsApp provides will blow your mind.

A Complete App 

Big companies and developers currently dominate the instant messaging app market. Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, QQ, WeChat, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are the most popular today. Many others cater to specific audiences, but WhatsApp is the most popular. Although this app appears to have everything, it lacks in other areas and has numerous limitations. Users are now switching to other instant messaging apps due to this.

So, if you want to switch but don’t want to leave WhatsApp’s ecosystem, download WhatsApp APK right now! This is the most comprehensive instant messaging app simply because it adds to the original’s shortcomings. It also raises the limits so that users aren’t forced to use third-party apps or websites. As a result, you can get some incredible benefits from this one, which we’ll go over in detail below.


Over four thousand different themes will be available to select and download at no cost from the theme store. You are free to alter the appearance of WhatsApp at any time, and you can also restore it to its previous state based on your preferences. You can send the themes to any of your contacts using the official version of WhatsApp, including friends, family, and coworkers.

Send Custom Files

With the assistance of WhatsApp over the internet, you are now able to send any file to any other person. Creating a zip file or an APK file is no longer necessary to send any file. You need to click on the attachment icon and navigate to the file you want to attach.

Cyber Whatsapp Security

You get an additional and extremely high level of security when you use Cyber WhatsApp. Chats, phone calls, and video calls can all be encrypted from user end to user end for the users’ convenience. It also gives you the option to set a password or a fingerprint, ensuring that no one else can access your WhatsApp account while you are away from your phone. Keeping copies of stories and making changes to them

  • Save any story posted by your friends, family, or other users. 
  • You can save any pictures, videos, or audio clips posted in their stories.
  • You can now upload a video that is longer than 30 seconds, and the length of the video will extend the story; the video clip will not be cut off after 30 seconds.


This App gives you the option to hide your last seen, hide your view on other people’s stories, select who can call you and who cannot, hide your blue tick, anti-revoke, freezes your last seen, choose who can see your status and who cannot, select who can see your display picture and who cannot, and gives you the option to anti-delete, which will allow you to view all of the status updates or messages that have been deleted. You can also hide your blue tick.

Voice changer

You can send voice messages to your friends, family, or even strangers and play a joke on them by changing the tone of your voice. Yes, the messaging app WhatsApp gives you access to various voice tones that you can use to play jokes on other users.

Cyber WA Customization

Disable WhatsApp messages when you need them (DND mode).

Block audio/video calls

You will get notified whenever someone comes online.

Background Wallpaper

You can set an image in the background of the home screen.

More Secured Whatsapp Cyber

When compared to the privacy tools provided by other apps, this app is head and shoulders above the competition. Here you have access to the auto-reply feature, the ability to copy the status of contacts, the ability to save your status, and the ability to hide your most recent appearance.

You also have the option to conceal the icon that indicates that a message has been sent successfully. As you can see, this app gives you a variety of options to pick and choose from in order to fulfill the requirements you have right now.

Complete Customization

The first version of WhatsApp did not provide its users with any customization options, so they were unable to fully tailor the app to their individual needs. On the other hand, the ability to personalize one’s software applications is something that a significant number of today’s users consider to be of the utmost importance. You are now able to give WhatsApp an appearance that is uniquely yours by downloading one of the many themes that are currently available.

You have access to a large variety of themes, each of which is currently available for purchase, and you are able to choose one with reasonable ease from among them in order to find one that is congruent with the way you prefer to present yourself online. Changing themes is as simple as using the settings on your phone to make the change. The process can be broken down into very manageable steps.


Today, almost all instant messaging apps allow users to send photos, videos, audio, and other types of files. However, WhatsApp has limited the file size you can send at once over the years. Users who do not want to send files via other platforms will find this more inconvenient. However, with This app, you can send video files up to 50MB and photos up to 90MB all at once. Aside from that, instead of 16MB, you can send up to 100MB of audio files.

Status Download

You can now easily download the status of your contacts thanks to the status download option that this application provides. In addition to just downloading the status photos and videos, you can also copy and paste the entire caption that appears under those statuses. Downloading your status can also be done with the help of AG2 WhatsApp.

Hide Double-Tick Option

A double checkmark will appear on your screen whenever your phone sends you a message with “you’ll get it when you return to your phone.” However, you cannot turn it off by default in WhatsApp; however, you can do so with this application, and while you will still receive the message, the sender will believe that you have not yet received it.

Lock Cyber WhatsApp

You can select a fingerprint, Pin, or Password passcode to lock your WhatsApp account now. These passwords do not pertain to other apps because this WhatsApp has created its own private security lockdown system.


More anti-ban codes have been added to this mod by Fully Ban Prof.

Emoji’s Changer! 

Emoji will be changed to various types of emoji variants.

Change Cyber App Language 

Multi-national Language is not a barrier in communication now a days. You can switch up to 13 different languages. Cyber whatsapp apk latest version has an amazing Artificial Intelligence system in its app. Download and try it’s amazing premium feature for free of cost.

Backup and restore

Back up and restore your chat history.

Other Features of Cyber Whatsapp 9.29

  • You can change bubbles style & tick styles
  • Gives the ability to call directly on the phone from the app itself
  • Show contact tabs in different styles
  • Set group name up to 35 characters
  • Provides the ability to set your status up to 255 characteristics
  • You can hide that ‘ forward message ‘ written on the message
  • Ability to send a broadcast to 600 people
  • You can send 90 images at a time

What’s new in Cyber WhatsApp Latest Version?

  • The power to cover photos and videos from the gallery while still having the ability to look at them through the WhatsApp application
  • When someone sends you a message in any group, the @ sign will appear at rock bottom of the conversation
  • Now, when someone deletes a message from your device, you’ll receive a notification telling you about the message that he wants to delete (retrieve
  • You’ll see the outline of any group within the conversation
  • Activate the group description feature
  • Hide the date and time you were last seen.
  • You’ll stop the web from WhatsApp only so that nobody will disturb you while using other applications.
  • You can hide any conversation from most pages of WhatsApp.
  • A group contains 30 fonts that you can simply change with this mod.
  • Schedule to send a message for later to anyone you would like.


  • It provides you with lots of privacy features which are very needed nowadays.
  • You can block calls/video calls whenever you want if you are a chat person.
  • You can send any file to anyone without uploading it on the zip file or APK file, which is quite very useful nowadays who are using WhatsApp for their work or studying purposes.

How To Download & Install Cyber WhatsApp MOD APK?

In addition to this, the MOD app can be installed on the devices by using the method mentioned below:

  • First of all, you need to uninstall any game version that you need to play (if it is already present on the device).
  • Secondly, download the desired application from the link in this article.
  • Afterward, you need to go to your device’s settings, then find the option of security. Finally, go for the possibility of unknown sources. Turn on this feature. Moreover, you can take another step. You can turn off the play protect part of the play store.
  • Then, ensure that your device has enough storage capacity.
  • Search the location of the downloaded file after downloading it.
  • Finally, install the application.
  • Congratulations, you can now play the game of your choice without any restrictions.


Is it safe to download this app?

You may download it at no cost and utilize it without worry. All of the communications you send using WhatsApp are encrypted all the way through. This indicates that the recipient’s equipment, in addition to yours, is required to decode them. This function stops your communications from being read by any third party, including Meta, while they are sent. However, after the contacts have been decoded on your device, this no longer protects them from prying eyes.

How to update the application?

After installation, if a newer version of the program is available, it will prompt the user for permission to update it automatically.


I think this app is more fun to use rather than official WhatsApp. It offers us to modify WhatsApp the way we want, which is impossible with official WhatsApp because it has some terms & conditions which we are bound to follow to use the application. Cyber WhatsApp 2023 allows us to use WhatsApp the way we want and enjoy it with high security and privacy level. You may also consider checking out IOS WhatsApp for Android, which has some exciting customizations and settings that you can modify as per your preference

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