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Coco WhatsApp Apk is a modified version of the original WhatsApp designed for people who get tired of using applications quickly. This mod has all of the best premium features, but you can use them for free. Although this mod has many features, the best feature is the ability to change the entire home screen theme to your liking. There are many lovely and unique themes to choose from.

What Is Coco WhatsApp APK 2022?

WhatsApp Coocoo  is an application developed by HeyMods and is very comparable to YOWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro. This app is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, and HeyMods also developed this application. Because there is only one version of this app, and it serves as an alternative to the official WhatsApp, you will need to uninstall the official WhatsApp before downloading this App.

Overview of Coco Whatsapp App

App Name COCO WhatsApp APK
Version V4.7.0
Size 54.2 MB
Downloads 452K+
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.4
Rating Count 20057
Price Free
Last Updated 8 Hours Ago

SS of Coco Whatsapp

Features of COCO Whatsapp Apk For Android

Although, CocoWhatsapp comes with the unlimited latest features. In it’s new version, you can have so many cool stuff and fun at same time. To explore it’s amazing features, please have a look below:

Unique Main Interface

The main interface of This App is a little bit different from the interface of the standard WhatsApp; you will see some new and additional options there, including the following:

  • You’ll notice a button that floats in the air; by tapping on that button, you can gain access to the device’s settings and contacts.
  • A night mode that is built into the app
  • The capability to disable internet access within the WhatsApp application

Privacy Features

This app includes so many different privacy settings that should convince you to download it immediately.

  • WhatsApp users can conceal both their last seen and online statuses from other users.
  • While forwarding messages, make sure the “forward message” tag is hidden.
  • A feature that prevents deleted texts and status updates.
  • Cover up your messages using blue ticks, the recording status while sending voice notes, and the second ticks.
  • A function that blocks incoming calls so you can avoid being bothered by people at any time.

Customize Appearance

You can change the appearance of the upper and lower bar in your WhatsApp, options for creating stories similar to those on Instagram, and a lot more when you use various advanced features to customize the look of your WhatsApp.

Customize Call Interface

This app gives users several different call interfaces from which to choose. 

Coco Whatsapp Apk Videos

Videos posted to your status can now be up to one minute in length, up from the previous limit of thirty seconds in the original version. Additionally, the maximum size of video files shared in conversations has been increased from 16 MB to 80 MB


Instead of only being able to send 30 images at a time, users of this WhatsApp MOD can send up to 90 images at once. The Coco app settings, as opposed to the general settings, are where either of these options can be enabled.

CocoWhatsapp Themes store

This WhatsApp APK provides its users with a plethora of one-of-a-kind live themes. Pick the one that appeals to you the most, and then implement it in your app’s user interface.

Coco App Video Calls Interface

You can customize the call interface, and there are many different options available to you.

Font Store

The standard font used in WhatsApp can be changed to one of the many fonts available in the app’s dedicated font store.

Back up chats

You can only back up your chats and re-access them after downloading WhatsApp if you have this feature, which is only available in a few copies of WhatsApp Plus.

Customize Appearance

Within WhatsApp, you can customize the appearance of the lower and upper bars, enable the story format similar to that of Instagram, and utilize several other options.

Beauty Filters With Coco Whatsapp

This App comes equipped with various in-built beauty filters that are comparable to those found in Snap Chat. These filters can be utilized with little effort. A single click is all it takes to update your profile picture.

Video Calls With Anti-Ban Coco

After the latest update, users can also make video call to their loves one with the Coco app latest version. During the video call, they also can read or write messages. Not only this, but also they can use filters, emojis, and many more within the calls.

Text Effect

Capability to add additional texture effects to the photos you take. The application comes equipped with a face filter and unique texture effects. Because your caller ID can be customized to meet your requirements, this application provides users with access to thousands of different theme options. You also can personalize the chat interface that WhatsApp provides you with.

The integration of Koku and WhatsApp was made available to you to benefit from the maximum level of convenience afforded by having access to all of WhatsApp’s features. Many thanks go out to the people who designed and built the app.

Coocoo Dual WhatsApp

This CoocooWhatsApp APK pure enables its users to install two separate instances of WhatsApp on a single mobile device. No one needs to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp to use this brand-new and incredible app. In addition, users can enjoy having two separate accounts.

Lightweight Whatsapp Coco

Because this app is not particularly large in file size, it does not place a significant strain on the mobile device’s storage capacity. It operates smoothly and does not hang up.

Security options

This app is so helpful for those phones in which the default app lock is not available, and those phones can benefit significantly from using it. It offers its users their discretionary privacy settings. Users have access to a variety of lock options, such as pattern locks, pin locks, and others, from which they can choose the lock that best suits their needs.

Coco Whatsapp 4.7.0 Hide online status

Users are given the ability to conceal their online status. No one can see them while online on WhatsApp, regardless of how long they are online. In addition, the last seen can concealed, making it impossible for anyone to learn about the user’s activity even after the app has been closed.

Anti-delete messages

It can save deleted messages from other users, which is one of the most incredible features of this app. Even though the sender may have deleted the message by using the “delete for everyone” option, it is still viewable by users of this WhatsApp. Nobody but you will ever know that you can read the messages that the sender has deleted.

Anti-delete status

In the same way that deleted messages are saved in the app, so are deleted status updates. Even after the person has deleted it, the user can still see it for the following 24 hours.

Longer video status

The original version of WhatsApp only supports video status updates up to 30 seconds long. Users must split longer videos into multiple parts because the software crops longer videos.

Status text of more than 700 characters

The maximum number of characters used in an official WhatsApp status update is 700. This version of WhatsApp allows users to write more than 700 characters in a single status update, allowing them to convey their entire message in a single update.

Status saver

Many people use additional apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store to download WhatsApp statuses. They can reduce the amount of space they use on their device by using this WhatsApp, which allows users to save any status update with just one tap.

Beauty filters in a video call

The official WhatsApp app uses the device’s default camera when making video calls. The beauty mode and the other filters cannot be used due to this restriction. However, this version of WhatsApp 5.1.0 includes over seventy different beauty filters for use in video calls.

Disable blue ticks

Users can disable message readout status. There is the ability to conceal blue ticks, double grey ticks, and single grey ticks.

Share Files Among 5+ Contacts

Users can simultaneously share any file with more than five contacts. They do not need to select and forward their message multiple times to send it to all recipients.

Coocoo WA Smoother processing

It is a very light layer that is applied. It will not burden your device in contrast to other forms. In addition to this, it operates without any problems. Aside from this particular issue, it does not produce any bugs. It does not affect the functioning or operation of any other applications. No question doing so in no way impairs the functionality of your device.

Web option For PC/Windows

This function is accessible within the official version of WhatsApp; however, it is not included in any cracked version. It can be used on desktop computers and laptops is one of its many valuable features. In addition, this indicates that the app in question contains features similar to those found in WhatsApp and enticing features that are unique to it. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the total package.

Interface of Coco Whatsapp apk

What’s New in The Latest Version of Coco iOS?

  • Fixed some existing apps
  • Hide chat function included
  • Fixed the color matching problem
  • Better UI and UX
  • Fixed video call issue

Coco WhatsApp MOD APK Download & Installation Guide

  • It is never available on the play store as it is a cracked version. so, to download it follow the given steps:
  • Firstly, go to your settings and switch on the “installation from unknown source” set.
  • Secondly and most importantly, back up any available data.
  • Thirdly, use the link in the article to download it.
  • Furthermore, find the APK file of the application in your downloads.
  • Then install it on your device.
  • And last but not least, enter your phone number and register yourself.

Benefits of Coco Whatsapp Latest Version

This Application has many advantages compared to the official version of the Play Store. Anything? Let’s look at the reviews below.

  • Dual – can install 2 WhatsApp on one cellphone
  • Security – available app lock with PIN, Pattern, and Pattern method
  • Theme shop – if you are tired of how they look, you may search for cool themes for free via settings.
  • Theme shop for incoming calls
  • Light and stable


Is Coco WhatsApp Safe?
Even though it is not currently available on Google Play, you can rest assured that it is a trustworthy and reliable application. WhatsApp Coco is a modified version of the original WhatsApp; consequently, it uses the same servers as WhatsApp did initially, and the conversations are encrypted on both ends.
Can I use Coco app and normal WhatsApp on same device?
You can use two different apps on the same device, but you will need to use two other phone numbers to access your two separate accounts.
What to do if the Coco WhatsApp is not working?
If you find that your app is not functioning correctly, you should uninstall the older version of Coco GB mod apk and install the most recent version so that your app will run smoothly.
How to update the the app?
Coco WhatsApp does not have a feature that will automatically update itself. You will need to download the updated version from a website run by a third party and then replace the previous version with the new one. Ensure you’re running the most recent version of any WhatsApp Mods applications to prevent any issues.
Will, I get banned for using Coco WhatsApp?
There is an Anti-ban mod available for CocoWhatsApp. Coocoo WhatsApp does not violate the official WhatsApp policies. All it does is give you the ability to re-design the user interface of the application you use to access WhatsApp. However, we recommend that you not reinstall the app and frequently check for updates.
Can Coco WhatsApp be used on an iOS device?
The correct response is “No.” The application relied on the APK packages, exclusive to the Android operating system, and cannot be used on any other platform. But, we’re working for iPhone, PC, iPad, and windows version. Keep in touch with WhatsappApkMOD.


This mod is yet another modified version of the original WhatsApp that provide you with all of the best features of the premium version at no additional cost. This modification offers a wide variety of colorful and visually appealing themes, sure to pique your interest in the mod. I recommend that you use this app to discover all of its amazing features.

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