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Blue Whatsapp Apk 2023 Download Official Version [Anti-Ban]

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app on the planet, with over two billion active users worldwide. With such a large community, there are bound to be those who believe the platform is missing something, so the more enthusiastic began developing modifications to improve its functionality. Among these creations is the developer is known as Abu3rab, who is responsible for launching the Blue Whatsapp Apk.

What is Blue Whatsapp Apk 2022?

WhatsApp Blue is a modified version of WhatsApp. It has a similar user interface to WhatsApp but with more features. Blue WhatsApp Download was created to improve the user experience while recording what is missing from the original WhatsApp. This app includes every necessary and desired feature that users requested from the original WhatsApp, making it very user-friendly. It provides everything that WhatsApp lacks.

Overview of Whatsapp Blue

App Name Blue Whatsapp
Version v9.15
Size 63 MB
Downloads 688K+
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.5
Rating Count 39757
Price Free
Last Updated 36 Hours Ago

SS of Blue Whatsapp Download

Features of Blue Whatsapp Apk

It would be impossible to summarize all of the tools and features that WhatsApp Blue provides, but we have made an effort to list every feature that has been adopted and added below.

Latest Themes & Colours

Changing the theme has not been as straight forward as it was in WA Blue. You can customize the unique theme that is applied to each contact and the icon that represents the application itself. This application also allows the user to customize the notifications’ color and theme.

Free calls in New Version

When you use this service, you can make an unlimited number of phone calls, which means you won’t have to worry about spending any money to get in touch with any of your contacts. There shouldn’t be any issues to worry about so long as you have access to the internet.

This is because WhatsApp uses an internet connection to schedule its calls by accessing the data stored on the device that it is installed. You won’t be wasting any of the minutes you have paid for on your phone if you decide to call a contact that is already stored in the address book of your mobile device.

Blue Whatsapp Media Preview

Before you download any media, could you give it a look? It will allow you to watch the content if you like it, so you can download it if you want to. Otherwise, skip the media download. Message filtration is also simple to use in group messages.

Whatsapp Web Compatibility

The web version of the application is also completely available. Therefore, you can navigate to the app’s official website to manage the app and gain access to all of its features.

GB Blue WA – Flight Mode

Immediately following the adjustment of the settings, no one will be able to bother you if you do not wish to block a particular contact but do not wish to receive any notifications regarding calls from that contact. A function allows you only to block calls coming from specific references.

In addition, while using Blue WA+ MOD, you can silence internet notifications by setting limits. Even though your data is stored on your device, your messages will not be delivered there.

Recover Deleted Messages

This application has the feature of reading deleted messages from your contacts. You can now easily see the messages that the sender deleted when you want to.

New Emojis in v8.60

This application now includes a substantial expansion of its emoji selection library. When you send someone a message or post something to your status, you can include emojis or GIFS.

No Email or PIN Required

It is essential to note that to create a WhatsApp account, you are not required to provide any personal information, including an email address. The addition of your personal information to the application does not receive any priority, nor is there any incentive for you to do so. It is sufficient for you to check that you have the relevant telephone number, and then you will be all set to proceed.

Hide Media in Blue Whatsapp

It is possible to conceal images and videos within the gallery at your discretion. However, you can manually hide these features from the settings in this application. This is a feature of WhatsApp that will automatically save the pictures and other data in the gallery.

Hide Last Active

Without a doubt, you can conceal the date and time of your most recent sighting. You also can conceal your last seen on TM and in Red WhatsApp.

Additionally, In previous versions of this application, sending broadcast messages wasn’t nearly as simple as now. Spread the word about your messages in online groups and chats. You can hide the messages from the main menu of WhatsApp. You have to open the chat individual to read the messages.

Never Log-out

Another advantageous feature of Blue WhatsApp is that it will keep you signed in to your account even if you switch browsers or perform any other action in contrast to other conversations and chat rooms. This is a great advantage because it allows you to multitask more effectively. Moreover, the vast majority of the time, you will be required to store your password and other information on your device, which is a practice that presents the possibility of security risks.

On the other hand, WhatsApp will automatically save your phone number and password in its internal database. This happens regardless of whether you choose to enable or disable this feature. If you decide to make use of the application, you will immediately be logged in, and all of the information that pertains to you will be presented to you along with the option to make use of it.

Blue Whatsapp Fonts

Fonts update is one of its major updates. You will find 30 fonts in the library to work on.

New Custom Scrollers

You are free to use any scroller you like in your user interface. The BlueWA Plus client gives you the flexibility to change the scroller and personalize the application’s user interface to suit your needs. You can also change the scroller automatically by installing themes from the theme store. This can be done in the same way.

Schedule Message

Schedule your messages any time. This will help you keep track of the scheduling of the messages. You will get the entire record if someone visits your profile when he is online.

Online Messages

The app does not necessitate a strong emphasis on having a Wi-Fi or internet connection to function correctly. You also can send your messages without using the internet, and the servers will save a copy of each message that is sent in this manner. If either you or the recipient has some relationship with you, your message will be delivered.

Using WhatsApp comes with a whole host of advantages and benefits, not the least of which is the fact that it is incredibly convenient. On the other hand, if you haven’t tried it out just yet, we strongly recommend that you download this blue edition to investigate everything and more for yourself.

Blue Whatsapp Other Characteristics

it has some excellent characteristics that make it the best model for Android devices in the WhatsApp system. You can adjust the mods and use them to suit your requirements. If you don’t like it or bore yourself a while later, don’t fret, the WhatsApp Theme Store has plenty of themes for free.

Robust package For iOS/Android

You can use the official WhatsApp application along with this. Also, you can use WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, and iOS WhatsApp all together on the same device. All these modified WhatsApp messengers have different codenames, which enable you to use them simultaneously.

Blue Whatsapp+ Encryption

This application has encryption. You can set the password of this application without installing the third-party application.

Full-Length Videos

You should set your status time to seven minutes, rather than the default of thirty seconds. U can send a video that is 30 MB in size rather than 16 MB. You can now choose between up to 90 still images and videos at once, up from the previous limit of 10. Compared to the other available versions, the shared photos and videos will have superior quality.

You can send sound files of up to 100 MB in size directly through your WhatsApp.  Golden WhatsApp also enables users to send large files to their recipients. In the status of WhatsApp, you will be not limited to 150 characters. The size of the characters has been increased to 300 words.

Blue Whatsapp  Plus Direct Copy

You can get a direct download of your friend’s status update. You can directly copy your friend’s WhatsApp message and paste it here. Send the message to your friends without getting the icon that indicates forwarding to appear at the top. You can copy and send messages to more than one friend at a time without ever discovering who originally sent the message to you.

Disable Calls on v9.21

Some WhatsApp users are also tensed of the spam calls on WhatsApp. But now, the recent version of the WhatsApp application has permitted you to disable the calls. Only those persons can contact you whom you have allowed to do it. So by using the app, you can be tension-free from any spam persons or avoid calls from people you don’t want to talk with.

Blue Whatsapp Group Messages

The recipient’s role will be taken into consideration when sending group messages. Whenever any of the group’s admins send a message, that message will include the tag “Group admin.” Because he is the group administrator, he can control the group settings, whereas other members of the group do not. If you accidentally send the same message to many people, you can delete the entire message at once rather than deleting each recipient’s copy individually.

A counter for group messages will be made available. You can keep track of how many messages have been posted in this group by each user. Even if the sender is not in your contact list, you will be able to identify them in group messages by looking for the @ symbol before their name. Within the chat, you are the only one who can view the description of any contact or group you are connected to.

Blue App Plus Notifications

You will be notified whenever your friend changes his profile picture. When he updates his status, the same thing will happen. 

New Cool Features

Application is similar to Whatsapp Plus and Cyber WhatsApp, but it includes unique features that no other app can match. You get a updated version, as the name implies, with the following features:

  • Hide online activity
  • One-click DND mode.
  • Separate Chats and Group windows.
  • Option to select “Who Can Call You”.

Online/Offline Mode

Set your online and offline status and blue ticks of your own choice. Set ticks, dots, circle or emoji characters for your message delivery and received status.

How To Download & Install Blue WhatsApp Latest Version

Follow these steps to see how easy this app can be downloaded on your mobile phone.


  • Go to Settings > Security for your phone.
  • Tap the Unknown Sources option after that. Once this option is clicked, you will see a new page.
  • This will require the option to access any third-party application; allow it.

Note: This is not necessary on appliances over Android 8.0 Oreo.

Installation Instructions

  • Open your device file manager to traverse to the WhatsApp Blue APK folder.
  • Type the APK file now and tap the INSTALL file. When running on or above Android Oreo, give permissions for storage, reading contacts, and text messages.
  • After a completed installation. Log in and check the OTP for your phone number.
  • Create and read the directions for your recently installed WhatsApp Blue.

Permissions Required in Blue Whatsapp Update

  • Send SMS
  • Record Audio
  • Vibrate
  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Internet Access
  • Access Device Location
  • Access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC
  • Get Accounts
  • Read Contacts
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Write Contacts
  • Write External Storage
  • Use Maps Services


Is WhatsApp Blue available on the Google Play Store?
No, this is not available on the Google play store. You can download it free on our website
Is it safe to download Blue Whatsapp Apk?
The file has been scanned online and with Antivirus software before sharing it with the public.
Can I send messages to blocked contact?
No, this feature is not yet implemented in Blue WA. However, we will look into it in the future.
How to update the app?
You will get an update notification in the app itself when there is an update.
Can we report on WhatsApp on any privacy issues?
No, you cannot because this application is not by the official WhatsApp developers. So anything that happens related to privacy will not be its responsibility.
What is the latest version of the app?
There are several versions available on our website like v11 v9.11, v9.21, v9.30 and v21 & so on. We provide the best and up to date versions here.
Can we download this app for PC or iPhone?
Fortunately, yes! You can use the app on your windows, MAC, iPad/Apple devices for free.


Blue WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp tested by us to verify its functionality and privacy. This application offers a beautiful way to experience more colors and fonts in chat. This app is full support for 256 contact lists instead of 50 contacts as it was available in the original WhatsApp. It is is an unconfirmed app, but it works on android devices.

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