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AR WhatsApp Apk 2023 Downlad Latest Version

Due to the privacy policies, WhatsApp users cannot save or hide their status or do several other things. Thus, WhatsApp Plus was created, of which AR WhatsApp is a version. You can manage every privacy feature if you download the most recent version of this WhatsApp.

What is AR Whatsapp Apk 2022?

The most popular messaging service worldwide is this new version of WhatsApp. This app is truly unique and keeps gaining popularity among its users thanks to the special tools it offers. AR WA also enables the user to add several features absent from earlier application iterations. The Emoji WhatsApp offers you a good amount of storage to save messages in the cloud and can sync all of your contacts on your phone. You can send pictures and videos, make groups, and share audio and video files with friends. In addition, you can use some awesome themes for entertainment.

Overview of AR Whatsapp

App Name AR WhatsApp
Version V9.75
Size 48 MB
Downloads 275K+
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.0
Rating Count 53352
Price Free
Last Updated 23 Hours Ago

screenshot of ARWhatsApp


Below we have mentioned some of the top features provided by this version of this WhatsApp.

Change the Theme of 

The latest version of AR mods, WhatsApp, has a theme store where you can download and use a variety of themes. For more themes, you can also visit the Theme category.

Messages Options

You can send numerous photos and videos to groups at once using ARWhatsApp2, and you can also send messages to numbers that haven’t been saved.

5 Minutes Status

You can upload a five-minute video as a status on AR WhatsApp 2022, but only your friends who use WhatsApp plus versions will see the entire status; those who use the standard WhatsApp will only see the first thirty seconds.

Anti-Ban – AR WhatsApp

To protect your WhatsApp account, use Antiban. You should be aware that WhatsApp mods are subject to account restrictions.

Hiding Options

AR Amazing hiding options are available on WhatsApp. Users can conceal their profile photos and their online statuses and blue ticks. There will be three new options: hide last seen, hide second ticks, and hide writing ticks. You can also choose to hide the contacts’ view status.

Messages that cause self-destruction

When using another app, receiving notifications from WhatsApp is highly bothersome. When using other apps, this mod stops you from getting notifications from your friends.

Hide Whatsapp Chats and Groups

It is a potent Whatsapp mod that locks and hides chats inside the application. Using this new feature, you can use a personalized pin or pattern to secure your Whatsapp chats. Without a pin or pattern, no one will be able to access a locked chat. Whatsapp is now safer thanks to this. WhatsApp groups follow the same rules.

DND Mode

The program stops messages from being deleted. This app allows you to view Whatsapp messages that have been deleted or revoked. You can select individual messages and respond to them while viewing them. Your relatives and friends will be impressed if they see this.

AR Whatsapp Pin Chats

While you can only pin five chats on the official WhatsApp, AR WhatsApp plus lets you pin an unlimited number of chats.

Anti-Status Delete

This Whatsapp mod apk has a feature that stops you from deleting your contacts’ status. You can now access the deleted statuses of your Whatsapp contacts. Using this incredible and potent AR Whatsapp apk feature, you can also reply to those deleted Whatsapp statuses in the future.

Disable forwarded tag on messages

Your contacts are alerted if it’s a forwarded message in the original app. With this WhatsApp, you can forward catchy sayings and intriguing content without fear of being criticized for being unoriginal. Use this WhatsApp to keep acting like the incredible person you aren’t around your friends and family.

Navigation Button

The navigation button allows you to switch between chats without returning to the main interface.

Wide Calling Options

One of the features of this app is the addition of a global calling option. More than eight people can participate in group, video, and voice calls using this option.

Advanced file sharing option

This app allows users to upload files up to 50MB in size, whereas WhatsApp initially only allowed users to upload files up to 16MB. WhatsApp makes sending large media files, like videos and audio, simple.

Fonts and Styles

Users have a wide variety of preferred fonts, styles, and shapes. This application contains some fantastic fonts. Users can select font styles, sizes, and colors.

Auto-Reply Messages

The developer of this app added these features to set it apart from other WhatsApp mods. This feature allows you to create and send personalized automatic reply messages to particular recipients.


AR WhatsApp comes with several optimizations. Chat layouts and themes can be changed, as well as chat screens. You can upload and use your theme.

Downloader for Status

Many status downloaders are available online to assist you in downloading your contacts’ status, but we cannot guarantee your data’s confidentiality. Using this mod’s status downloader, you can download any status from the gallery. You no longer need to download any external status downloaders.


You are awaiting lovely wallpapers. Enjoy the experience by downloading them to your chat window.

Who Can Call Me?

You can stop telemarketers from calling you by blocking incoming calls. You can do this by going to that contact’s profile and activating the feature. The call is automatically disconnected when a blocked contact tries to call you. The discussed feature should be used cautiously because the call may be urgent or emergency-related.

AG2 Whatsapp

NEWhatsapp Apk

What’s new in the AR Whatsapp Latest Version? 

  • Customize the application with themes.
  • Include more emoji’s.
  • Customize fonts and sizes.
  • View media once and save it.
  • Sending a message on a schedule is possible.
  • Contact an unknown number by sending a message or call.
  • Translation of letters in various languages.
  • Download and install themes using the theme server.
  • You can hide AR Whatsapp dp images for specific persons.
  • You can Download ar whatsapp status video
  • Edit the style of the bubbles and ticks.
  • Choose from a variety of bubble styles.
  • Moreover, statistical information about groups.
  • On the main screen, show the online status or last seen.
  • The ability to hide our connection status and whether to make our messages visible to our contacts.
  • View WhatsApp status once and save it.
  • Don’t let others delete your messages.
  • Schedule messages and use Auto play.
  • Writing longer statuses are also possible in this Whatsapp Status.
  • With it, you can send multimedia documents.
  • Multiple files send at the same time.
  • Share several contacts simultaneously.
  • Themes help to customize applications.
  • There is no shortage of emoticons.
  • Various font sizes and types are available.
  • We can choose whether the connection status of our contacts will be public or private, depending on our connection status.
  • Besides that, users may also send large files

Pros & Cons of AR Whatsapp App Update

Some pros & cons of the latest WhatsApp update are as given below, have a look at that:


  • There are no advertisements in WhatsApp. Because of this, messaging is enjoyable.
  • You can use WhatsApp without spending money.
  • For printing or backup needs, you can quickly email your WhatsApp conversations.


  • Some nations do not support the WhatsApp calling feature. Therefore, this can be a significant drawback if you’re looking for calling functionality in a messaging app.
  • AR Stickers are available on WhatsApp, but they’re not animated like those in Facebook Messenger. They are your only option; Emojis are not acceptable.
  • WhatsApp provides a story function, but Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat don’t offer entertaining Face filters.

How To Download & Install AR Whatsapp

  • We recommend you start by downloading the this Whatsapp apk file to your mobile device from our website.
  • The Unknown Sources box will appear after clicking on Settings>Administrator>.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp app if you already have it installed
  • In order to continue to the next step, you need to open the Download Folder in the File Manager.
  • The application is convenient, easy to install, and can be retrieved by clicking on the link provided to access the Apk File, which can be downloaded. Install the apk by clicking on the file.
  • To complete the registration process, enter your name and the OTP code
  • After installation, you can enjoy it.

Various Types of AR Whatsapp 

There are several types of AR Whatsapp apk app. Each type or version has a different layout, functions, and features as well. In short, read about particular versions mentioned below:

Ar2 WhatsApp Blue

Regarding it, the second version is available in green but not in blue. Additionally, given that it has the same features. Download and update ar2 whatsapp and enjoy the best features.

AR WhatsApp Pink

It is available in two versions, one in pink and the other without, as was mentioned in our prior discussion. In addition, we’d like to introduce TMWhatsApp, a unique pink WhatsApp with some impressive features.

AR WhatsApp iOS

It can only be used with Android devices and cannot be installed on iPhones. The original WhatsApp application’s features are present in a version of WhatsApp. In addition, this version is known as WhatsApp++.

FAQs About Whatsapp AR

What is the difference between whatsapp and AR whatsapp?
The features that users of the original WhatsApp app desire are present in this WhatsApp. This mod has a lot of options you won’t typically find in the official WhatsApp, like hiding your current status and customizing your app.
Can we use this Whatsapp for IOS?
No. Unfortunately, there is no IOS version available of Fouad WhatsApp.
Will my Phone be safe if I Use this WhatsApp?
Yes, it will be. Don’t worry about Safety, Because this WhatsApp is very secure App.
Can my account be banned?
No, don’t worry this WhatsApp anti-ban.


AR WhatsApp is an excellent app with many helpful features and multilingual support. Users can download themes to make them more enjoyable to use. The majority of the elements are superior to the official WhatsApp. You can now set a video as your status for 5 minutes instead of the previously allowed 1 minute.

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