AM Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version 2023 (Anti-Ban)

In the world of super fast internet, communications have become easier than ever. You can stay in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues all the time with a single tap. In addition, there are many instant messaging apps available on the internet. But Whatsapp is the most popular and in-demand instant messaging app. Also, you can make audio and video calls, send or receive messages, share documents, voice notes, etc. using the Whatsapp app. But still, there are more restrictions for Whatsapp users. It allows users to share limited data. To fulfill this need, there is another instant messaging app like Whatsapp which is known as AM Whatsapp Apk. It allows users to use its advanced features that are still not added by the official WhatsApp.

What is AM Whatsapp APK?

Whatsapp AM is a MOD version of the original Whatsapp application. It is developed by third-party independent developers to fulfill users’ needs. In addition, AMWA latest version has a numerous variety of exciting premium features in it that are still not added by any other instant messaging application including Whatsapp official.

Furthermore, this app lets its users enhance their messaging experience through its customizable features. AMWhatsapp app users can customize themes, change or use custom fonts, download Whatsapp statuses, colors, notifications, custom tones, background wallpapers, and so on.

Overview of AM Whatsapp

App Name AM Whatsapp
Version V20
Size 32 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Requirement Android 4.0 or Above
Rating Value 4.2
Rating Count 1837
Price Free
Last Update Today


Features of AM Whatsapp Apk For Android

Here are some new features of AMWA v20 APK listed below. Have a look at that before downloading the app.

Use Muli-Accounts

Other instant messaging apps such as official Whatsapp do not allow to use of multiple accounts on the same device. While on the other hand, AM WhatsApp update comes with multi accounts features. From now, you can use two or more accounts on the same device. In addition, For those, who wish to use separate accounts for each project, AM app is beneficial for them.

Scheduled Messages

Many of us forget the exact date to attend a function, meeting, or event. Also, we do not remember the exact date to wish our loved ones their birthdays, anniversaries, reminder, and so on. AMWA app has this problem too. It comes with a message schedular feature. In addition, you can now set a custom message, add a recipient, set a date & time, and schedule it. On the exact date and time, your drafted message including attachments will be sent to the specific person.

Advanced Privacy

There are advanced privacy controls in AM app. With its advanced privacy features, you can control read receipts, blue ticks, online status, typing status, etc. Also, you can make your app and conversations more secure with its enhanced security features. There are different security measures in AM WA to make your individual chats more safe. Have a look below:

  • Fingerprint.
  • Password protection.
  • PIN code.
  • Pattern unlocker.
  • Face ID (facial recognition).

You can use any security mean to make secure your conversations and media as well.

Anti-Delete Feature

Luckily, you can now read any deleted message. AM Apk has introduced an anti-deleted feature in its recent update. Users of AM app can access and read any deleted message (text, audio, video, or document) even if the sender has deleted the message. Unlike official Whatsapp, there is no time limit to unsent the message. You can still delete any message after 24-48 hours.

Customization & Personalization

Enhance your messaging or communications experience with a wide range of pro customization and personalization features of the app. This app allows users to change themes, fonts, chat background images, wallpaper, icons, colors, etc according to their needs. This thing makes your app more good-looking, unique, and attractive.

Share Lerger & Unlimited Files

Official Whatsapp does not let you share large-size files. Also, it does not allow you to share more than 30 files at once. But AM is a game-changing app. It let you share more than 30 files including images, videos, documents, etc as a group at the same time. Moreover, it also allows you to share large-size files. Now share longer-sized complete videos with your loved ones.

Support Different File Formats

In the original Whatsapp Apk app, we do not share different types of files as doesn’t support multi-file formats. While on the other hand, AM lets us share any file type. In addition, you can also share unzipped files, rar, CSV, Xlsx, Doc, and so on.

DND Mode

DND is also known as do not disturb mode. AMWhatsapp comes with a DND mode. For busy persons who are busy in their daily tough routine, office, or in any project can use this feature. DND mode will disallow notifications, ringtones, and popups for some time. In short, you can focus on your tasks without being interrupted.

AM Whatsapp Status Downloader

Forget to download any external third-party Whatsapp status downloader apps. AM Whatsapp v20 Apk comes with a built-in Whatsapp story downloader within the app. You do not have to download it from any source. Furthermore, save any desired story with a single tap. Here is the procedure to save/download any status is mentioned below:

  1. Open/play any desired status you wish to download.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds and let it complete.
  3. Now click on the three dots given at the top right corner.
  4. Now tap/click on the download/save button.

you’re done.

What’s New in AM Whatsapp Pink Update?

  • More group features.
  • Increased media sharing limit.
  • In-app locker.
  • Improved audio/video calling quality.
  • Message translator.
  • 100% free premium features.
  • Anti-ban.
  • & much more awaiting…

How To Download & Install AM Whatsapp (AMWA) Latest Version Free?

before downloading and installing the latest and updated version of the AMWA app, make sure that you have enabled “Unknown sources” from your device settings. But still, if you don’t know how to check or enable this thing, have a look below and follow the same instructions:

  1. Go to the device settings.
  2. Click on “Privacy settings”.
  3. Now look for third-party apps.
  4. Tap and allow “unknown sources”.

Once, you have successfully allowed “unknown sources”, proceed to the further steps to download and install the new version of the app.

  1. Click on the “Download” button.
  2. After downloading, go to the file manager or download folder. And look for recently downloaded files.
  3. Now click on that .apk file and start installing the app.
  4. After successful installation, open the app and enter your phone number to get registered and verified.
  5. Start enjoying the app.


Is it safe to use AM app?

Of course, It is 100% safe to use AMWhatsapp app. Also, there is zero risk of getting banned from the official Whatsapp.

Is it free to download the app?

For sure, there is no cost to download and install the app. You can use it for free.

Can I use AMWhatsapp on my iPhone?

Unfortunately, you cannot use this app on your PC and iOS-based devices including iPhone, iPad, MAC, etc. As this is an APK file, you can only use this on Android-based devices.


AM app is a modded version of the official Whatsapp app. It is designed and developed by third-party developers. In addition, this app has many exciting features that are still not added by any other instant messaging applications. You can change the app’s theme, colors, fonts, interface, menus, and much more. Try this app and let us know in the comment box mentioned below.

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