AG2 Whatsapp 2023 Download For Android (Anti-Ban)

There are numerous versions of AGWhatsapp, like baixar ag2 WhatsApp, Pink, and blue but only a few are well-known. You won’t be able to use all of them. As a result, only install the version that you prefer. All of the versions have been provided. It’s now up to you to decide which version you want to use. I recommend that you download the AG2 WhatsApp Apk because you will be amazed by its features and appearance.

What is AG2 Whatsapp APK 2023?

As previously stated, this WhatsApp is a modified version of the standard WhatsApp with additional features. It allows users to change the color of the buttons. Users also have complete control over text styles and other privacy features. We’ll also go over some of its unique features that aren’t available in SAWhatsApp. Keep in mind that you should not run two identical applications on the same device at the same time.

Overview of AG2 Whatsapp Update

App Name AG2 Whatsapp
Version v30
Size 31 MB
Downloads 878K+
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.0
Rating Count 11821
Price Free
Last Updated 48 Hours Ago

Download AG2 Whatsapp

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Features of AG2 WhatsApp For Android/iOS

There are so many interesting features of Ag2Whatsapp MOD Apk for both Android and iOS devices. To know and experience the latest free premium features of the app, download the application for free of cost:

Disable Forward Tag

Following the installation of the most recent update to WhatsApp, a tag will now be appended to any message that is forwarded. However, if you use this app now, you can remove the “forwarded” tag from any message that you forward, and it will no longer be displayed on the message.

Larger group size 

WhatsApp is increasing its group size restriction from 256 to 512 individuals. The increase in the limit will benefit users and administrators who want to add additional participants to group chat discussions.

Polls in AG2 Whatsapp Apk

Users will be able to create polls on WhatsApp. Users can build polls for groups of up to twelve people with up to twelve different alternatives.

Single Tick

Within the settings for this application, there is additionally a toggle switch for activating the single tick. Regardless of whether the message has been delivered to you and you have read it, it will always show a single tick on the other side of the person who sent you the message. This is true whether or not you have read the message.

AG2 Whatsapp Lock Conversations

You could archive the chats in the default WhatsApp to hide them. However, in this app, you can not only archive the chats but also lock and hide them so that no one can see them. You can access them secretly, and WhatsApp will not notify you of any new messages unless you go to the secret section on your own.

Change the Color of the Bars

The app allows you to change the colors of the header, navigation bars, chats, and status area according to your preference and taste, giving you a little more control over the app.

Hide Contact Name

You can also hide the contact’s name in the chat if you want. You will only see your profile picture when you do this, and the name section will be blank.

Lock WhatsApp

You can lock WhatsApp with a pattern, PIN, or fingertip. To do so, go to this WhatsApp and select the method you want to use.

AG2 WhatsApp Apk Backup

Although this is an essential feature in official WhatsApp, most versions of WhatsApp Plus do not include a backup. ASIM, the developer, discovered a way to back up without using Google Drive by saving the backup on your phone. To do so, go to Adds, then Chat Backup.

Navigation Button

You can navigate between chats without returning to the main interface by using the navigation button.

Change Interface

You can customize the chat interface to your liking by changing the font type, icon color, and style from the Plus Settings:

Self-Destructive Messages

This feature deletes the text messages you send once they have been read by the receivers.

AG2 WA App Privacy Settings

  • You can hide your last seen and online status.
  • Remove the “forward message” option.
  • Pretend you didn’t see your friend’s status update.
  • Prevent messages and statuses from being deleted.
  • Hide the blue ticks and the second tick, “typing,” and “recording.”

AG2 WhatsApp iOS Review by

We manually tested this WhatsApp mod and found it to be functional. As a result, you can download and install this app on your Android device. AG2 now has the most recent version.

Privacy Features

This WhatsApp, like other WhatsApp MOD applications, has a variety of privacy features to keep your account safe and private. From the settings menu, you can turn options on or off. Hide online, type, and record status are some of the most popular privacy features.

You view stories anonymously and customize the last seen time to suit your needs. Each update adds new privacy features to the app, which you can begin using immediately after installing the update, so make sure your app is always up to date.

Customization Options

Almost everyone has grown tired of the standard WhatsApp interface and is looking for something new. You can customize the entire app with THIS WhatsApp Android APK according to your preferences. The app comes with hundreds of built-in themes, and you can also download and apply themes from third-party sources.

The Android Settings menu can also change the WhatsApp icon. You’ll be able to pin an unlimited number of chats to the chats screen and use custom wallpaper in each one. Third-party emoji variants can also be added to your WhatsApp.

Media Features in AG2 WhatsApp

Thousands of people are downloading WhatsApp stories and statuses using third-party apps and services. You can do it right from the stories page with this WhatsApp. The app has a built-in downloader that allows you to download WhatsApp stories without having to download any other app.

You’ll be able to share files like APKs, EXEs, ZIPs, and other types of files without any restrictions on this WhatsApp. Additionally, the images/videos sent via this WhatsApp will not be compressed, so if you want to send high-quality photos on WhatsApp, you should try this APK.

Completely Free & Safe

This WhatsApp does not require you to pay to download or use the app. This app’s developer has made it free to use so that anyone in the world can benefit from its features. We also guarantee your account’s security because every WhatsApp MOD app for Android connects to the official WhatsApp servers, ensuring that your account remains safe.

You can still download and try apps  without any worries. We have personally tested this APK file, and it appears to be in good working order.

Anti-Ban AG2 WhatsApp

You don’t have to worry about being banned from this app because the developer has all the necessary legal codes. Anti-ban application AG2 WhatsApp APK.

Lock WhatsApp 

This app allows you to secure your WhatsApp data by locking it. A pattern, PIN, or even a fingerprint can be used. Choose how to lock your WhatsApp by clicking on the top of AG WhatsApp.

Aseem Whatsapp Backup 

You can easily backup and restore your important WhatsApp messages and calls record with Ag2 WhatsApp Application. This feature isn’t present in many modified versions of WhatsApp, but it is present in this MOD. The app’s creator discovered a way to backup data without using Google Drive. This app allows you to backup data saved on your phone.

AG 2 – Pin chats 

The official WhatsApp allows you to pin up to three chats, but this WhatsApp allows you to pin as many as you want. This app allows you to pin an unlimited number of chats.


You can get a navigation button with this WhatsApp APK that allows you to move between chats without going back.

What’s New in AG2 Whatsapp Apk/iOS/PC?

  • In WhatsApp groups, names can be colored.
  • It fixes an issue where names weren’t showing in groups.
  • Scheduled messages were fixed.

How To Download & Install AG2 WhatsApp Pink?

Here is a quick guide to download and install on your Android.

  • Uninstall the original WhatsApp to install Ag2 WhatsApp 2023.
  • Go to security settings and allow “Unknown sources” to give the security permission.
  • Now, click to download the WhatsApp app from our provided link.
  • Click to open the downloaded file and press “Install.”
  • Wait for a while to complete the installation.
  • Congratulations! Your ag2WhatsApp app was downloaded and has been installed successfully.
  • Open and enjoy


[su_spoiler title=”Is AG2WA available for free?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]Yes! You can easily download WhatsApp free from the store.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Is AG2 App 9.60 available for pc?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]No, This Application is only for android users.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Is AG2 WhatsApp safe to use?” style=”fancy” icon=”chevron”]Yes, it is safe to use.[/su_spoiler]


AG2 WhatsApp APK is one of those apps that encourages you to think creatively. This app is jam-packed with fun stickers, eye-catching backgrounds, themes, notification control, etc. We are confident that you will enjoy this app. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, click the download button to get the extra features for free. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with your experience.

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