Adam WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 2022 (Anti-Ban)

Even though WhatsApp is one of the most popular texting apps, users are unhappy with the app’s features, turning to copies of WhatsApp Plus instead. Adam WhatsApp Apk is a copy of WhatsApp Plus that has been created. Adam WhatsApp is a free and fully-customizable replica of the famous WhatsApp app. The most recent version provides its users with features such as the ability to download their status, customize the app’s appearance, and access an extensive theme library, among many other features.

Moreover, these features are not included in the canonical release of the software. In addition to that, the application has been upgraded to an anti-ban version in this latest version. Users are no longer at risk of having their primary account suspended if they create additional WA user profiles in addition to their primary one.

In addition, when you download the most recent version of Adam WhatsApp 2022, you will have access to features such as hiding your online status, saving the levels of your friends, and a whole lot more, all of which will be covered in the following section of this article about ad WhatsApp.

What is Adam WhatsApp Apk 2022?

Adam WhatsApp is a tweaked version of the original WhatsApp application. Because an Arabic programmer was responsible for its development, its name reflects this fact. It can be purchased in either brown or black color. This app possesses qualities that people from all over the world appreciate and appreciate having access to.

Whatsapp Adam for android (AWA) shares many of the same features as other MOD applications, but it also has some exclusive features. Using the MOD app in modern times is a piece of cake. The following is a list of some of the characteristics that it possesses:

Adam WhatsApp APK Overview

App Name Adam Whatsapp APK
Version v28
Size 44 MB
Operating System Android
Category Social
Rating Value 4.1
Rating Count 1037
Price Free
Last Updated 3 Days Ago

Features of Adam WhatsApp

As with all modified versions of WhatsApp, each has its own set of features. Adam WhatsApp APK also has several unique features apart from other modified apps.


You have extensive control over the appearance of the app’s user interface, including the ability to modify the font type, icon color, and icon style. Additional settings allow you to change the style of the font and the color and size of the icons. The user experience is significantly improved compared to the first version of WhatsApp.

  • You can hide any icon you want.
  • It is simple to alter both the color of the chat bubbles and the color of the background; 
  • You have complete command over all of WhatsApp’s notifications.

Auto Reply

Go to Settings > Auto Reply to add an auto-reply that will be sent to your contacts if they send you anything and you are unable to respond at that time. This can be done by going to Settings Auto Reply.

Privacy Additions

You have the option in WhatsApp Adam 2022 to hide the people who can call you and the blue ticks and the second tick. You can now prevent other users from deleting messages with you, which is another privacy improvement that AD WhatsApp has introduced.

Adam Whatsapp Themes

Adam WhatsApp APK comes pre-installed with various themes, each of which can be easily customized to suit your preferences and add a new dimension to your chats. The ease with which you can switch between different themes is one of the features that stands out as particularly impressive.

Enhanced Privacy Options 

In this updated version, you can maintain a higher level of privacy by disabling ticks, personalizing bubbles, and modifying your seen status. You can easily conceal your online status and customize the privacy settings for group chats.


You have complete control over the background, and you can make it look however you like. For this project, you are free to use any image or solid color. One-click is all it takes to switch between different themes and different backgrounds.


You can upload stories of any length to this app. You are not obligated to share the 30-second story: upload photos and videos of any size.

Calling features

Everyone is aware that we can use the official app to make video and audio calls with anyone. Despite this, we continue to receive many calls from unidentified numbers. Nevertheless, we can control who can contact us through ADAM WhatsApp and who cannot and the capability to prevent calls from unknown numbers. The ability to add contacts is one of the features that make the ADAM WhatsApp APK App one of my favorites. Because of this feature, I can prevent my friends from calling me while I’m working on something significant if you are interested in utilizing this app’s one-of-a-kind feature.

Adam WA Text Style

Aside from standard text styles. There are a variety of text styles in the library that can be used in the app. This adds to the intrigue of your conversations.

Customize Conversation

When you download ad WhatsApp, it allows you to customize the look of your chats by changing the size of the messages, changing the color, etc.

Back up your data

Adam wants new version you to know that you don’t need to be concerned if you decide to switch phones because your WhatsApp conversations will be preserved. WhatsApp provides you with the ability to back up your messages and then restore them at any time. You can accomplish this by going to the App’s settings, selecting backup and restore, and then set back up.

Increased Character Limits 

You can also put 144 characters per story in the original, but with Adam WhatsApp installed, you can put 255 characters per story.

File Sharing Feature

This application package (APK) enables us to send files of the following extensions: APK, RAR, PDF, EXE, and DOC. This is a significant improvement over the original program, which restricted file sharing to a maximum size of 17 MB and a limited number of file types. You can send large files up to 700 MB in size, which is a fantastic feature of Adam WhatsApp APK that you can take advantage of.

Although, The developer has done an excellent job, and they have improved this brand new function that they have added. When we need to transfer a large file or a document, this capability will solve all of the problems that we have been having with file sharing. Because of this incredible capability, we can send any file in seconds, regardless of its size.

Whatsapp MOD iPhone/iOS Theme

Download Adam WhatsApp brown update and change the theme if you like the iPhone theme and want an iPhone-style in your WhatsApp. If you like WhatsApp with an iPhone theme, you’ll love FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold iOS because they both have it.

Other Features of Adam Whatsapp English

  • You should save your WhatsApp status.
  • Hide seeing WhatsApp status.
  • You can use multiple instances of WhatsApp on the same mobile device.
  • Hide online status and last seen.
  • Conversations will not be visible in the chats.
  • You can secure your WhatsApp account with a pin, a pattern, or your fingerprint.
  • Adam’s WhatsApp should only have its internet connection turned off.
  • Prevent deleting messages from friends.

What’s the Difference between AdamWhatsapp  and Official WhatsApp?

You can use both Adam WhatsApp and WhatsApp on the same mobile device. Because each application requires a unique phone number, you won’t be able to use both of them simultaneously.

Advantages of Adam WhatsApp

  • There is always an available download for the most recent updates.
  • There will be no unexpected terminations or crashes with this version of the APK.
  • The installation now functions without the previously reported errors.
  • You can customize the emoji look, just like on an iPhone or Facebook.
  • It is compatible with a wide variety of Arabic fonts.
  • The capacity to conceal multimedia files within the gallery.
  • A new chapter devoted to the sacred Quran has been included.

Disadvantages of Adam WhatsApp

  • Because of so many extra features, the app file size is quite large.
  • Disturbing pop-up messages from the app’s developer.
  • The app’s ‘WhatsApp User Changes’ section is broken.

Adam WhatsApp Plus And its Advantages

  • It is the responsibility of a developer to keep track of the updates that are made to the official version.
  • Not prone to getting into accidents.
  • You are required to install the software.
  • Features several Arabic fonts.
  • It is recommended that multimedia be concealed in the gallery.
  • Also included is a chapter that discusses the sacred Quran.
  • It is possible to give your WhatsApp emoji’s the same appearance as those found on your iPhone or Facebook.

What’s New in Adam’s WhatsApp APK?

Adam to make certain that it always has the most recent features, WhatsApp undergoes regular updates. The following is a list of some of the new features included with Adam’s WhatsApp installation.

  • Broader options to share any file without restrictions;
  • Increased file transfer options;
  • Preview media without downloading it;
  • Option to turn off the chance to respond to messages;
  • Secure to use;
  • Backs up your WhatsApp data regularly;
  • Unlimited new themes and stickers are available;
  • User interface personalization features

Download and Installation for Android

  • First, uninstall the previous version of the application (WhatsApp).
  • Go to the download now and click on start download.
  • After this, go to your phone setting and turn on “unknown sources”.
  • • Locate your downloaded APK file in the download/file manager.
  • • Press the install button to begin the installation procedure.
  • Congratulations, your app has been installed.
  • Enjoy amazing features

Adam WhatsApp For iOS and Windows

Because Adam2 WhatsApp is incompatible with iOS, if you own an iPhone and want to install the app on your iPhone, you will need to install one of the other versions of the app, such as OB2 WhatsApp or Hawa WhatsApp if you want to use the app on your iPhone. Alternately, you may refer to it as AD WhatsApp.

Method to Update The App

Uninstall the previous version of the app first if you are experiencing issues because you are still using an older version. You should now download the most recent version of the APK file to update the application.


Why it named as Adam WhatsApp?

Simply, because an Arabic developer created it and because it caters to men in its user interface, it is called Adam WhatsApp.

Is Adam WhatsApp safe to use?

Yes! It is absolutely safe to use as it has anti-banning features, frequent updates, and additional privacy settings

To install this MOD app, do I need an email address or another method of identification?

This MOD APK does not require any sort of identification or email address to be provided by the user. After clicking the download button, the application will begin downloading into your device in a matter of mere seconds. How simple!

Is Adam WhatsApp Alternative to Official WhatsApp?

As an alternative to the official app, you could try using Adam WA instead. Additionally, you are able to run both of the applications simultaneously on the same mobile device. However, you should use a unique telephone number for each of them.

Do you have the newest version of APK?

The most up-to-date version of this app is available through our company. The most recent and comprehensive version is available for download from this location.

Can we use this application for iOS devices?

Yes, you can use Adamwhatsapp for iPhone, Mac, iPad, PC, and so on. But unfortunately, this time we are only offering apk files only modified for android. Our team is working on iOS versions. Stay tuned on our website for upcoming latest amazing apps.


Adam WhatsApp is a WhatsApp client that can be used in place of the official WhatsApp client. It is virtually identical to the official version of WhatsApp, albeit with a few extra personalization options. Additionally, you can use this app along with the official one simultaneously. The Adam interface is geared toward males, while the Hawa interface is geared toward females. Both are user-friendly.

That is the reason why they chose to call it that. I hope that you find this article to be educational. Many other features are not mentioned here; however, you will have access to all of these features if you download the app using the link provided in the description of the app. Please check out our website for access to our other MOD versions.

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